How to Connect a USB Device

Making a Connection

Connect the USB memory to enjoy photos, music and video files stored on the device.


1.After you connect, turn on the connected USB device.

2.HOME utona press, then select [devices] by using the buttons .

3.Select [USB] by using the buttons , then press the button .

4.Select [Pictures], [music] or

5.Select the folder or file from the list with the buttons, then press the button.
If you select a folder, select the file with the buttons, then press the button .
Playback starts.

To return to the last primetime content, press HOME button twice.

Connect USB Device

Display the View

You can set the automatic display of a view in a slideshow or thumbnail view when you connect the USB device containing the photos.

You can also set up not to be displayed automatically in slide show view or thumbnail view.

Definitions of USB:

Press the HOME button, then select [Settings] →  [system settings] → [General Settings] → [USB Autostart] → [view pictures], [Start slideshow] or [off].

Check File Formats


  • To activate automatic playback, the picture files must be stored in a folder in the DCIM folder.In addition, the name of the folder in the DCIM folder must be a combination of 3 letters and 5 numbers (can include the “_”), for example 101MSDCF.
  • If you have a file with subtitles to USB, you can watch a programme with subtitles.In this case the file with subtitles must be located in the same folder and with the same name as the movie file.
    (Depending on the file with the subtitles, they may not be displayed correctly, even if the format is supported.)


  • Review USB supports file systems FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS.
  • When you connect a Sony digital camera to your tv with USB cable USB connection settings of the camera must be set to [Auto] or [Memory].
  • [A Person] and [zoom and crop] in the options menu of the [Crop] may not work for some image files.
  • Panoramic JPEG only files with the following horizontal/vertical dimension can scroll with the scroll bar.(If the JPEG file is edited on a computer, etc., may not be possible with a scrolling slider.)
  • -For horizontal scrolling: 4841/1080, 1080, 7147/3430/1920, 4841/1920, 12416/1856, 8192/5536/1856, 2160, 3872/2160, 10480/4096, 11520/1080
  • -For vertical scrolling: 1080/4841, 1080/1920 7147/3424, 1920/4841, 1856/12416, 1856/8192, 2160/5536, 2160/3872, 4096/10480, 1080/11520
  • The video files are located in the following folder structure (hierarchical sorting):
  • Protect yourself from loss of files, back up all of your media files stored on a USB device.Sony is not responsible for lost or damaged data, stored on a USB device.
  • Depending on the file, playback may not be possible even when using supported formats.