How to Get Netflix on Your “Old” Samsung Smart TV

TIP: Your “artefact” of a Samsung Smart TV from the 2010, 2011 or spring 2012 is already out of date. See how you are cheating, and (maybe) still getting Netflix on it.

A great many Danes are testing these days American Netflix, as we have previously mentioned on our site. And of course, we cannot be content to watch Netflix on your phone or computer. Netflix must of course be seen in the large living room-altar.

Many have the last three years, bought a so-called “Smart TV”, where they can access streaming services from, among other things, Viaplay, SF-anytime and YouTube.

Or right said, then it was the meaning of “Smart TV” that one should be able to access various services, but as our colleagues at our site have investigated, then one can only use Netflix for 2012 models from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and others.

According to our site there is no tenisk reason for the lack of Netflix. Netflix-appliktionen already exists in other countries outside the Nordic countries, and the application works for all 2010/2011 models from TV producers. Netflix app also works both with the Danish sound and Danish texts.

In short, so does Netflix applikationenen fine to “Smart TV” from 2010/2011, but manufacturers would not give their customers access to the application. Background in order to downgrade these models have not been informed by TV producers.

Disgruntled Facebook users

It looks like the undeniable collusion between TV producers, but the conspiracy theory is, of course, plucked out of the air, and we have on not seen evidence to substantiate such a theory-in addition to all producers Funnily enough does the same thing.

At Samsung’s Facebook page reads Samsung official response since also again and again for sure Samsung customers:

-“We unfortunately can not go into the details of why Netflix initially only comes to the 2012 models. But we are already examining the possibilities for implementation of the earlier models also. “

But it’s not just Samsung’s customers who are unhappy-Panasonic has also very dissatisfied customers on Facebook, who complain about the lack of access to Netflix. An owner of a Panasonic TV expresses its opinion in this way on Panasonic’s Facebook page:

-“It is simply to piss its customers up and down to the back when in choosing not to offer Netflix or other streaming services for tv’s there is not even a year old. We all know it can be done, since the solutions already exist for URf.eks. 2011 models, it will be of course used in the United States. If Panasonic can’t provide a proper support for their customers, then you shall nor expect to get some money from us.What had in the anticipated? “

Hack your Samsung and watch Netflix

But before you feel good and thorough cheated, then there is actually hope ahead-at least for people with a Samsung “Smart TV”.

You can with a little “ninja-trick” cheat in Samsung’s “Smart TV” to provide access to Netflix, and so you might still not wasted 15,000 dollars on your six months old 55 “Saumsung TV you bought on sale in Elgiganten in end of may 2012.

On Samsung TV models can in fact change the country, and thereby gain access to applications, which otherwise is reserved for the lucky Samsung customers in other countries.

But no roses without thorns-if you perform this ninja-trick, then delete all your a applications. This means that you can’t get access to Viaplay, Channel sports, SF anytime and other “Nordic” applications that you might normally use.

Here’s how:

1. go into “Smart hub” (2011 model) or internet @ TV (2010 model)
2. press the “forward” button
3. press 2 8 9
4. Press 1 times on “rewind” button
5. Then obtained a serivcemenu, where you can select another country. Select here “United States” as a country,

The tv now believe that it is in the United States, and suddenly the Tv may well be used for Netflix with full access to movies and TV series. Both Danish and Danish during the speech text is available.

We have on tested the trick on a 2010 model (c-series), and we can confirm that we can change the country. But even Netflix application we cannot get to work.

On a 2011 model (D-series), however, we got the trick to work, and the Netflix application ran fine.Although the video reception is better if you are using an Apple TV box.

The same “ninja trick” is, according to our information, unfortunately, is not possible on other TV models than Samsung.

Updated 19/10-2012 at. 13:25
Our site informs that Samsung has changed my mind. Samsung customers with a 2011 model (D-series) can now still can get Netflix without ninja tricks. However, so far it is only the owners of models in the 7000 and 8000 series, who gets pleasure from Netflix. Read more here.