How to Locate, Lock and Delete Our Device Lost or Stolen Android

If we have the misfortune of losing our Android device, or suffer a theft, the Administrator of Android devices It offers us a series of tools that can help us to find it, block or erase your data remotely if we see that it is impossible to retrieve our mobile.

In case of theft, is not recommended to try to retrieve the mobile on our own to not face a worse situation, with that in that case it is best just delete your data, put the corresponding complaint with the police and call our carrier to block access to the network of the mobile with our SIM. In these cases it will be very useful to have targeted the IMEI (* #06 #) and serial number of your device.

Activate Device Manager

In order to use all functions of the Device Manager (available for Android 2.3 or higher) the first thing we need to do is to have it properly activated. It is made from the application Google settings. There in the “Device Manager” section will have to have two options, enabled the of Locate our device and allow the deletion and remote lockout. Once activated these two options in “settings > Security > device managers” can verify that the option has been activated correctly block and delete our device.

Locate your Android device

Once activated in each of our devices we can already find them easily, either from the application Android Device Manager, which will have to download from Google Play, or from any web browser through its official web page.

The Administrator of Android devices They allow us to locate, lock and delete our devices from any location. If we lose our mobile or tablet, and we don’t have a computer at hand, we can try to locate it from the mobile phone of another person accessing the Device Manager as a guest application, entering your Google account.

The Administrator of Android devices allows us to view on the map the last location each of our devices to know where they are, or were, next to the option name them customized to better know and the following three important options:

  • Sonar: With this option our device will sound for 5 minutes at full volume, regardless of the volume that had since. This option is useful to find the phone in cases that do not agree to us where we left it and had it in silence.
  • Block: This option allows us to lock your device remotely with a password or PIN to prevent who find the mobile access to your personal data.
  • Delete: This last option is for delete all information from your device remotely, removing all of our applications, files, and user data, with which once made this will stay factory and can no longer locate it, giving it lost forever.

These same options also can be accessed at the web version of the managed device, which can be accessed easily by clicking on the icon of the web of Google Play gear.

Must be borne in mind that all of these options they only work if your mobile device is connected to the Internet. If who finds or steals us mobile disables the data or factory data reset will not work any of these options. In the next version of Android the factory reset will be protected so that only we can access that option.

Android Device Manager Version 1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Google
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity