How to Loosen a Knot In a Necklace

To Loosen The Knots In Your Chain

  1. Unravelling the chain, to the extent possible.Put your chain on a cloth and try to solve the knot carefully.
  2. If you fail, you can use a little oil (cooking oil) to solve a little knot.You can scroll the knot in your hand easily. With low pressure nodes could also be a little more flexible. You can then undo the knot.
  3. Take to solve the knot with a thin needle.Try this to get stuck in the knot and loosen it. Take your time and stay calm.In the rush does not work!
  4. Untangling the knots of your system slowly with one or perhaps two thin needles.Be careful, especially with thin chains. This can tear quickly.01h25

Nodes move for necklaces correctly. Leather belts are particularly suitable for himself tinkered necklaces. These can…


  1. If unties the string, you can (if it is silver or gold jewelery is), bring the chain with a special cloth again to a high gloss.
  2. If you dare to untangle the knots not even, you go to a jewelry store.The seller can help!
  3. To prevent future knots, keep the chain in an oblong box.To avoid future node in the chain.