How to Match Platform Shoes


The platform shoes are a sporty model and do not have a particular line that differs from other footwear. In these shoes the sole is smooth from heel to toe, and the result is a very high rubber, ranging from 3 to 5 centimeters, which is especially useful for people who have a short stature. They also have the prerogative of being able to replace the strings, which in some models more jaunty, are sold separately with fantasies are very colorful and imaginative. In this guide we see how you can match the shoes platform, based on situations that can be worn.

To avoid being subject to prying eyes and avoid bad figures, it is a good rule to exclude certain garments, which deviate completely from the platform. Next, we will examine some fundamental style rules. This kind of shoes should not be worn with miniskirts and shorts with pants, except if the person who wears them is a teenager. Another tip is to not wear them with colored or patterned socks, knee socks, let alone with the short socks. Elegant appointments are also excluded, because their nature is mainly sport. At the same time, should not be used for athletic activities, including a run or a brisk walk. Therefore, do not combine perfectly with the suits or outfits for the gym. Also, I’m not even that can be matched with leggings, unless you wear a pinafore or a sweatshirt with a large size.

These shoes must be worn in style and irony, and you should be aware that they are models that stand out especially for their characteristic shape. To follow, we will see what are the best combinations. To get a simple look and by day, it is preferable to choose a men’s laces and uppers with soft colors such as black or brown. The sole, however, should not be white or colors are too bright. Goes perfectly, instead, the matching with the trousers-pockets style workman, or with those model chino. As for the top, can be fine men’s shirts very buttoned up, not solid color nor overly broad. To get a look that is hip hop, it is best to wear them with a golf wide enough, or a sweater knitted.

If you must go for a casual date, you could opt for sneakers platform, eliminating the need to boot, as they are inappropriate for many combinations. You should choose a simple model to wear, along with a dress both along that midi, provided they are not overly challenging. They are also ideal with cargo pants turned ankles, along with a sober colors, t-shirts or jeans shirt. Finally, very nice to wear with jeans or jeans with colored skinny, not too tight, and with a v-shaped neckline, plain.