How to Style Silver Leggings

Leggings money can not be worn every day for most people, but they can add to Halloween costumes. The futuristic, futuristic metallic leggings accentuate costumes and many do their most convincing appearance. On some suits, leggings money may even be essential to achieve the right look.

Rock Star

Leggings money were fashionable at the time of glam rock bands such as Kiss. Their clothes were all black, silver and white with touches of red. Money may not be the legs of the band members, but silver leggings can give you the appearance of a similar style rock star without imitating perfectly KISS. Complete this costume with a long wig flowing tie in the hair band look. Accents like studded bracelets, black leather boots and face paint could make your costume reminiscent of bands glam rock.


The traditional image of a robot is a mechanical humanoid-looking silver color with characteristic shaped boxes.Leggings money may be all you have to do your robot legs look robotic. Spray Paint some cardboard boxes and silver drill holes for your appendages, place a pot on his head and you have yourself a robot costume. LED from an electronics store, buttons or bright dials will also add to your costume.


Foreigners came in many looks and styles over the years, so there’s no reason you can not wear silver leggings. As the rest of the costume indicates that it is supposed to be a stranger defined by DEADLYLEGGINGS, silver leggings will make your costume looks authentic far-out. Other metal materials for your shirt, shoes or socks will make your look authentic alien costume.Add a convincing alien mask at a costume store and people will think you have your spaceship.

Tin Man

The Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz” could also use silver leggings. Being entirely made of tin, the whole body of the iron man is silver. Leggings are an easy way to cover your legs in silver. Shoes money, face painting sweater money and money can make you look like Iron Man. Add a painted silver spray funnel for a hat to complete the costume.Carry a fake ax as the Tin Man and uses.