How to Take Care of Gold Jewelry (Like Stainless Steel)

I often notice gold jewellery worn no matter they are clean or not. And while I’m at it, I would have to say: aesthetically is elegant, not at all feminine and decidedly unacceptable! You have to take care of your items, otherwise it is better that you leave them at home.

We must remember that gold is a metal that is gentle enough, we should clean it regularly and keep our jewelry.

What hurts gold

You may have noticed that, as happens with other metals, gold tends to oxidize (=become darker in color), making it much less nice to wear. In addition to put some unhealthy habits: spray the perfume before you insert the earrings; slather cream before wearing a bracelet or a necklace or use soaps and detergents with the rings I wear, advised by

I know, wouldn’t mind, but the truth is that all these practices create a chemical reaction in which the blur, knocking him shine and color.

But now let’s fix it and clean your gold items with few tools readily available (very cheap too!) and a few simple steps. But first 2 premises.

Before Cleaning the Gold

The first premise is that the objects to be cleaned must be only in gold, i.e. without colored stones or pearls because otherwise they could be damaged.

The second premise is that in the market there are several gold cleaning cloths and products, but from experience I say that are not as effective as follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Boiling and scrubbing

Fill a pot of water large enough to immerse your jewelry and bring to a boil. Assured that gold does not melt, but the boiling water will begin to wash away the grime that inevitably accumulates on our jewelry with daily use.

If then are especially dirty, you can add the water a little dishwashing detergent, leaving the whole thing on fire for about 10 minutes. If your object has hidden corners, you can rub it with an old toothbrush with soft bristles to be sure that the cleaning action don’t miss anything!

Step 2. Rinsing and drying

Remove your jewelry from the pot and rinse well under cold water, you will notice already that are brighter. At this point take a soft clean cotton cloth and dry them very carefully.

Step 3. Denatured alcohol

Immerse your valuable belongings into a container with denatured alcohol (=the simple spirit of House), which will help to return the old brilliance. Leave it on for about 1-2 hours and after rinse under cold water, then dry with cotton fleece.

The Different Colors of Gold

If your jewelry is made of yellow gold, with these easy steps the result is assured.

If your object is in white gold, this being an alloy of gold (mixed with other precious metals such as platinum, silver or palladium), with daily use it is possible that your jewelry will lose some of its rhodium plating (= yellow a bit). In this case you can clean them with the steps, but to restore the original color bright and shiny contact your Goldsmith rodierà them again.

Let me be clear, in case of doubts and uncertainties or an unbeatable laziness to the do it yourself, the best solution is always contact your trusted jeweler or an industry professional who will know how to polish your object.

And to say that time has passed since they used to make the dowry in gold, but a fact remains: in the age of consumerism, of the here and now, the disposables and accessories passed off as jewelry, gold objects are a real asset for which to care. An investment that never loses value over time if maintained well, indeed. A heritage that has been handed down and that you can in turn leave to the future.

Excluded the hypothesis of take you all over the grave of course!