How To Use A Sleeping Bag Vapor Barrier

All backpack enthusiasts know the benefit of hiking and camping gear. These items increase your comfort while on walks, especially items used for winter. Clothes steam barrier and keeps your body arts sweating through tissues, through an action of absorption that keeps your skin warm and dry. Vapor barrier liners are often used in sleeping bags. These isolate the body and keep the sweat from condensation in the bag.


1 Pass the sleeping bag while in your tent or shelter. If you have a bed or mattress pad, put the sleeping bag on top of her.

2 Unzip the sleeping bag completely. Open it-if applicable-and clean up all debris. Note that if you use a mummy bag or a cell, these just unzip somewhere along the way.

3 Set the vapor barrier liner inside the sleeping bag. Make sure that the head and feet are aligned correctly with the head and feet in your sleeping bag. Unpack the steam barrier coating of about half.

4 Zip up your sleeping bag only slightly, so that both the sleeping bag and vapor barrier liner zippers are adjacent. This should leave you enough room to get in the bag.

5 Between the vapor barrier liner and close it up. Zip up your sleeping bag on the vapor barrier.