How to Wear a Men’s Jacket


If you are like most men who don’t buy a new jacket or a new coat, when you get the chance, it’s worth you invest your money to purchase one that is perfect for you. A jacket should be practical and should protect you from the elements, but it needs to be a versatile, able to complete anything you go to wear. When it comes time to buy a new one, it is important not to be swayed by the latest trends, especially if you expect that within two years become already a head out of fashion. Let us see how to wear a men’s jacket.

Available on Mensjacketsstore, men’s leather jackets are a strong trend this year and since we have always been present in our closets for more than half a century, will be certainly a good investment, so if you haven’t yet purchased one. For a retro feel, try a leather aviator’s jacket with sheepskin lining. This vest is 40 years is still very much in fashion: wear it with a pair of blue jeans, a white sweater and brown boots, for a casual, yet elegant.

Tailored jackets-if you are unsatisfied with classic models sold in stores, a tailored jacket men might be the ideal solution, and gives it a look that is always trendy. Ask for a model that has a versatile style, so that you can wear with jeans and pants tailored. In this way, you’ll maximise your investment, and you’ll have an item of clothing mat that will become a key feature of your wardrobe, for years to come.

Military-style military jackets and cloaks-are slowly emerging from the shadows in recent years. For a military look, a style that never sets, do serious color like black, grey and dark blue (one of the trendy colors this year) and avoid bright red variations that are occasionally you’ll emerge over the last decade. A bold trend that will meet your Harry Potter fans are the jackets in mantle version, which were a strong feature of women’s fashion in the 21st century, but that have crept into the male wardrobe only recently. Wear a heavy black cloak over a trench for a winter wedding, or pair it with pants that you prefer: will your daily protection against the bitter cold.