How to Wear a Skirt Mullet, 15 Looks for You

The mullet skirt, also known high low skirt, is a trend that made great fuss a few ago and now is gaining strength again. The piece is characterized by being shorter in front and more long ago, so I earned the nickname of “mullet” in Brazil. Several celebrities have sported the style out there, including the Princess Kate Middleton. If you are looking for tips on how to wear a skirt mullet, found the perfect story to get all your questions and even inspire his compositions with 15 looks amazing!

The “mullet” is not just skirts. There are also dresses and tops mullet, proving that the trend is versatile and can please several tastes.

When the skirt appeared a few years ago, was an absolute trend. At the time, the models were more successful were those very long and slightly shorter in front. Today, however, the skirt mullet appears remodeled. Average models and even the shorter ones are doing the head of women around the world.

There are no rules for those who want to invest in mullet, but a few tips can help in preparation and inspiration never used this piece of clothing.

Below, you can see some tips on how to wear a skirt mullet. Take note!

4 tips on how to wear a skirt mullet (with pictures!)

1. break the rules

Normally, when using a high-waisted skirt, voluminous and fluid, the “rules” say you should wear something tighter at the top to maintain a more balanced silhouette. What nobody knows, however, is that one of the best tips on how to wear a skirt mullet is precisely to break this rule. A basic t-shirt, even being a little loose if placed inside of the skirt, you can create a very nice look like in the picture below.

You can modify and Add accessories in accordance with the desired visual. This pastel yellow skirt along with a gray t-shirt and a high-heeled shoe in nude color creates a sophisticated look. If you replace the shoes for a pair of sneakers and choose some accessories more relaxed, have created a beautiful look more casual and fun,

2. If you like finesse, hold the

The following look exudes finesse and its focal point a mullet floral print blue. On top, a silk blouse in color salmon (same colour of flowers of the skirt) and details on income helps to compose the look.

The color palette of this look is simply amazing! To complement the visual, the bet was a yellow bag and a jump in wine color shoe. This palette has a retro touch that many people love. Minimalist accessories bring even more charm to the composition.

3. Bet on vibrant colors

Mullet skirts in vibrant colors are really lovely. You want proof? Just check out the look below that is complemented with a delicate blouse remarkable texture and filled with roses.

As the skirt doesn’t have a waist very marked, you can bet on a fine and delicate belt to complement the look. A black silk stocking and a boot in the same color let visual with the face of autumn. Still, the same vibrant color skirt could have been combined with a spaghetti strap blouse and a flat sandal for a summer look.

4. Skirts mullet also combine with sandals

A heel Sandals can complement a look with skirt mullet very well. If you want to create a more basic, bet on a black skirt or Navy Blue and keep the shoe of the same color. The sandals that the template is using are very high. The moorings of the model help to draw attention to the bottom of the trunk. On top, a neutral color blouse looks really good. The hat complete the look with elegance.

This same skirt could have been used with a printed blouse and a high-heeled shoe in order to create a more colorful and relaxed.

What else do you need to know before buying a mullet?

Was excited about the 4 looks just show? There are some tips on how to wear a skirt mullet that you still might want to learn before making your first purchase.

Let’s check it out?

  • Blouses with fringes and ruffles don’t suit skirts mullet. Generally, the visual is very exaggerated. Not worth risking.
  • The tail, that is, the back of a skirt mullet, can be of various shapes: round, layered, with beak or even asymmetrical. Try some models and see which you like better before you buy.
  • It’s easier to hit the look if you choose shorter sweaters or, in the case of longer, put them on the inside of the skirt.
  • If you’re too low, combine mullet skirts with heels and not with flat shoes or creeping. In addition, the model helps to elongate the silhouette is one whose front is above knee length.
  • Still, if you have short stature, never use a skirt mullet below the waist if you don’t want to look even lower. For being shorter in front, if it is placed below the navel will cause the impression of legs “flattened”.
  • Mullet are the skirts between a skirt and a maxi skirt. So, may be the best option for days when you are in doubt about which one to wear.
  • Who has the big hips and does not want to highlight them may choose to leave the cut straighter. Skirts with many layers can emphasize this trait. So, if this is not your intention, stay away from them.

Photo Gallery: 15 looks for you to check out!

We have selected 15 looks amazing where the skirt mullet gets featured. Romantic, classic, fun, contemporary, basic or bold: whatever your style, with a mullet, you can create amazing compositions to highlight even more your personality.

Dress-up is to demonstrate your attitude towards the world. Choose the style that best represents you and storm!