How to Wear Skirts with Coats! (Mini-Skirt Tips)

The mini-skirt received the following message from Cátia:

It never hurts to congratulate the fantastic blog that makes us even more beautiful!Today I decided to leave the doubt with which so many times I find myself before leaving home: 

Taking a skirt by the knee (smooth, evasé, etc.), what is the size of the most appropriate coat? Is your coat size too long or does it look good too? And with a long skirt? And now:-) with a mini-skirt? You can get more information from

Your question is undoubtedly pertinent, since the different types of skirts do not look good with any coats!

So,depending on the type of skirt worn, different must also be the type of jacket!

Knee Skirts

Virtually all knee skirts work well with short coats, which end on the hip!

If they are skirts evasé the coats are thus short (on the hips), or even shorter (of the bolero type)!

If they arepencil skirts (in fact, for example), the jackets may be slightly longer, such as 3/4 jackets.

Long Skirts

These only look good with short coats! They should never be worn in trench-coat, knee-length (also known as 7/8) coats!

Mini Skirts

The mini skirts work very well with short coats!

In winter, they can also be worn under a trench-coat, which goes down by the knees, making the skirt invisible!

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