HP Chromebook 11: Revised Power Supply Eliminates Heat Problems

Update: revised HP power supply of Chromebook 11

First tester instruments with new power supply will now from LiteOn. It loads with 5.25 volts 3 amperes while not as fast as its predecessor, to be sure but free from overheating problems. The sale of the 11 HP Chromebook could start so soon again. But so far remains the delivery status on coming soon in the U.S. Google play store as well as at Amazon Germany.

Recall for Chromebook 11 Power supplies

After the stopping of sales imposed in November for the Chromebook 11 Google and HP from immediately all buyers call, to send the enclosed with the appliance power supply unit to the manufacturer. HP promptly sends a new part. The action is aimed at all, the a Chromebook prior to 1 December 2013 acquired.

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Recall: Here order Power Supply for Chromebook 11

Google and HP to stop selling the Chromebook 11

The joy was short-lived: hardly the Chromebook is 11 on the market, it is gone again. Basic problems with the USB adapter that is supplied with the unit. Apparently, some devices so overheated that it damaged the Chromebook 11. Google and HP have therefore stopped the sale and ask no longer with the supplied AC adapter to operate the Chromebook 11. On a product recall is already working.

Previous messages
The’s HP Chromebook of 11 by Google and Hewlett-Packard should qualify as working tool for all. You must give up spectacular hardware but. That is not even necessary: In the foreground are neither a faster processor is still a super sharp display, but the selection of various Google services and easy access to.

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Chrome OS: almost only online

Instead of Windows comes the chromebook 11 operating system chrome OS to use. This consists mainly of the chrome browser, you extend the Web store apps and games. Although Google and other developers ready to now a few apps, which work independently from the browser, most applications need an existing Internet connection. That is not the case, can not even set up the device for the first time. Also Windows programs run on the device not

Little in it, bit it

Under the hood of the Chromebook 11 cycles a dual-core processor in addition to two gigabytes of memory. Resolves the 11.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels. There are 16 gigabyte solid-state drives available for photos, videos & co.. In addition, Google gives each buyer for two years 100 gigabyte cloud storage in Google drive. Manufacturer HP uses a 720 p webcam for video chats. Via two USB jacks, connect additional hardware to the Chromebook. Users via Wi-Fi access in the Internet.

Robust outer skin

To make the case especially robust, reinforced the frame with magnesium HP. Also no screws on the unit are similar to the MacBook. One looks in vain also ventilation slots, because the manufacturer has fully waive the fans. As the Chromebook 11 in the operation remains pleasantly quiet. The speakers hidden under the keyboard HP. Practical: As with most smart phones charge also the battery of Netbooks through a micro USB port to a socket or a different computer. Ideally you need a charger for only for many devices.

30 Google services at a glance

30 services Android, Gmail drive & co.

Work with the Chromebook

Boot the device in no time thanks to the minimum hardware requirements and SSD memory and is completely ready for use after a few seconds. Apps and Web services, such as Google maps, available without large latency fix. Also working with Google drive in the chrome browser was no problem despite several opened tabs. When the playback of full HD videos on YouTube, the device came however partially to its limits. Typing on the keyboard felt comfortable and was fixed by hand. Only the touchpad responds sometimes slightly inaccurate and spongy.

Conclusion: HP Chromebook 11

Work with the HP Chromebook 11 fun and go fix the hand. The device is also pleasantly quiet by missing fan. Only inaccurate touchpad turned out to spoil the party. The Chromebook particularly suitable for users who want to swap out photos and documents in the cloud and edit it there. Players and those who prefer offline work, keep their hands of them.

You get the HP Chromebook 11 to November 15 in black and white with keyboard frame in red, blue, green and yellow. The Wi-Fi version costs $299.