HTC One (M7) Will Now Have the Lollipop in Denmark

Lollipop deploying right now for HTC One (M7) throughout Europe. The first Danes have already received the update.

HTC’s rollout of the latest Android version for top models have, like with Samsung, nor been completely hassle-free. But now you can finally update your HTC One (M7) to Lollipop.

HTC’s Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, joins today out on Twitterthat the Lollipop is ready for the 2-year-old smartphone.
Three weeks ago sent HTC update out to the unlocked version and the Developer Edition of One (M7), but now the country with the normal version of the model.

It is not only the Danes who receive Lollipop today. HTC has posted the update out to the whole of Europe, but it is done in waves, telling Jeff Gordon on Twitter. Therefore, there is still a little time before you see it on your particular HTC One (M7).
Two Danish owners of One (M7), Claus Peasant and Mads Frederick T, has tipped us about this update-thanks for that! Below you can see a number of screenshots before and after the update, as they have sent to us.

Does not meet the promise of the 90-day time limit

After Google’s disclosure of Android 5.0 Lollipop was HTC quick to speak out on Twitter that the within 90 days would be happy owners of One (M7) and One (M8) with the update. It is 114 days ago today they gave this promise, and thus they have exceeded the time limit with a little month.

However, sending out update for HTC reached One (M8) at the last minute in the 3-month period.

Newer version than Google’s own smartphones

With this update to the HTC manages to make a Lollipop newer Android version available for the owners of One (M7) than Google’s own Nexus-branded smartphones. Nexus and Nexus 6 5 runs only with version 5.0.1, while HTC-top model is a little step ahead with 5.0.2.