HTC One M9: Here’s What We Know

HTC will publish soon the top model HTC One M9 to this year’s Mobile World Congress. We give an overview of what we know.

The rumors about the HTC One M9 has over recent months been in the air in a steady stream, and we approach the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the flagship model 2015 presented.

Therefore, we here at fall rope a definitive overview of what we know and what we think we know about the upcoming top model from HTC. We gather up all the rumors, which we have brought about the specifications, designs, Lollipop-version and much more.

Design and colors

HTC deserves the prize for having made this year’s perhaps most leaked product (s), when it comes to spy photos and renderings. New photos have seen the light of day with just a few days apart for an extended period of time. With that said is also a bit of a mystery.

During the month of January is more pictures leaked from the first a French website, then from a HTC employee and several manufacturers of HTC One M9-accessories. 

Two days ago came what was supposed to be official product images of the phone. It was the German dealer that showed One M9 forth from all sides and edges.

All of these images shows supposedly the same device, but there is much speculation as to whether it is at all HTC One M9-designed. The confusion has been total, after an HTC One M9 Plus and HTC One M8i has come into the picture. There are several scenarios that can unfold around the design.

The first scenario is that the aforementioned leaked photos turns out to be the real thing. This means that the design has been known for a long time and that HTC doesn’t have hidden secrets very well.

The second scenario is more interesting. Evan Blass, also known as evleaks, do not believe in the theory with the images from the German webshopthat appeared the day before yesterday. He believes , however, that there will be both an ordinary HTC One M9 and a HTC One M9 Plus, which brings a completely different design on the pitch.

Here are the speakers moved further towards the top and the bottom, and the entire surface is covered by glass. The larger version, One M9 Plus, has what looks like a fingertryksaflæser or home button. A large number of concept images are created on the basis of this theory, as Evan Blass so hills around.

Spigen, which produces and sells the covers for smartphones, today announced the 4 different covers for HTC One M9, which substantiates the theory of this design, with companies like Spiegen gets the dimensions indicated to prepare their accessories. Just Spigen have before affected right with top models like the iPhone, the LG G3, 6 5 and last year’s HTC Nexus One (M8).

A tweet from HTC that something big is in the waiting, provides yet another reason to think in these courts.

If this turns out to be true, has thus done a wonderful work with HTC to cheat the whole press and partners by supplying an HTC One M9 in a “false” design to come up with a huge surprise for the publication. It cannot be excluded that the many leaked photos, similar to its predecessor, is merely an HTC One M8i.

If the former theory is true, there will not be, at first sight, the big difference from One (M8) to One M9. It is the same material in aluminium with soft edges, and the critically acclaimed the front speakers is also where they wont. It is the small details that are worked on. The power button is pressed down on the page, for example, and the camera lens on the back has gone from circular to rectangular.

Images from the German negotiator also reveals that the HTC One M9 will be available in two colors. The first is the same dark grey color, as you know from One (M8).

The silver grey color selection also appears, but with a little twist. The frame and the front is now with a tinge of gold, which makes it stand out a little more. It would therefore seem that HTC now combines last year’s gold-and silver model in one and the same model.

All in all there is much excitement about HTC’s design choices up to date, since the rumors on the area pointing in different directions.

Technical specifications

There is, fortunately, not the great doubt One M9 ‘s specifications.

The processor will be the new octa-core Snapdragon 810, where 4 of kernels running with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz and the 4 other grains at 1.5 GHz. The 2 GB RAM upgrade from its predecessor now to 3 GB DDR4 RAM.

HTC does not follow the flow to increase the screen size. They maintain for the 5 “and Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Of internal storage will be available for 32 and 64 GB. In other words, it is a small upgrade from the 16 and 32 GB, there is opportunity in its predecessor.

HTC’s UltraPixel camera back from One (M7) and One (M8) dismantled in favor of a 20.7 MP camera with dual LED flash. UltraPixel-camera on 4 MP come instead to sit in front of. Latest information also reveals that the back camera get an Aperture at f/2.2 with a lens with 27.8 mm focal length.

The two Boom sound-højttalerere on the front, which has received much positive publicity, will be seated in the new M9. The rumors pointing even on that which is partnered with the manufacturer of quality speakers, Bose, to enhance the sound.

The battery has got a push in the right direction. The new battery has a capacity of 2840 mAh and is therefore 10% more compared to last year’s model.

HTC’s version of Lollipop

The tradition of producers is to take the original version of Android and customize it in all corners and edges with new design and added functionality, and the direction continues HTC in. They do this with their HTC Sense-skin, which is in version 7 with Lollipop.

Since HTC One (M8) has already received Lollipop, draw a clear picture of how the software is going to look like on the new HTC One M9.
HTC’s product manager, Mo Versi, published on 17 September. February on Twitter, to version 5.1 of Android already comes to HTC One (M7) for March. There are being spotted so small several new features in this new version, but there are mainly talking about correction of errors. On the phone so also will be published and sold with Android 5.1, is still uncertain.

Date of publication and publishing

The Taiwanese manufacturer has even unveiled the, when One M9 will be published. It’s going to happen on the 1. March up to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place from the 2. to 5. March.Closer to the time of publication, however, remain missing. The mobile site is of course present during the Mobile World Congress and covering the event.

There is yet no reports as to when the new top will be possible to buy, but if we are to follow the previous trend, then it becomes immediately following the date of the phone.