Incredible Tips to Uses of Vintage Chair

Discover Amazing Tips For Decorating with Vintage Chair. See Gorgeous Models and Damning Photos of DÉCor with Vintage Chair.

Nothing more modern than a beautiful vintage decor, doesn’t it? With many antique furniture or just a few pieces, this is a trend that has made the head of architects and decorators, because it makes the environment much more cool and cozy.

And, in this fashion, one of the darlings is the vintage Chair. In different models, with various kinds of materials and designs, she can reign sovereign as the only vintage piece or come integrated with more retro décor, with other period furniture.

Time to choose your Chair vintage according to MabletonProducts, however, it is necessary to take into account some points as place of use, environment decoration, furniture, comfort and design. In addition, separate other must-see tips on how to decorate using the vintage Chair.


First of all it is important to know, exactly, what is a vintage Chair. Know that, when we talk about that particular mobile is vintage, we’re saying that he, in fact, it’s a really old – with over two decades of use.

So, he shall be deemed to be a vintage Chair, one that was manufactured for at least 20 years and that maintains its original features. Note, that it may have been restored and passed for minor repairs, but your design, color and the essence of the Chair stood for all these years.

In this way, the vintage Chair is different from retro. Because the retro furniture are those made today, and so new, but you have your design based in previous decades. In General, the retro furniture are colorful and have a mixture of styles-do not follow exactly the design of any particular season.

As the vintage Chair is an old piece, your market value also tends to be greater. Often we can find signed parts, made by renowned designers.

Some general characteristics that define a vintage Chair are:

-floral prints, plaids, geometrical shapes and abstract and psychedelic prints

-textured fabrics like velvet and materials like solid wood or chrome

-feet or sticks in cabriolet (depending on the time of the vintage Chair)

-solid colors and strong, especially in the years 50 and 60 chairs


For being an extremely versatile mobile you can use the vintage Chair in virtually all environments of your House. And you know what’s best? Most of the models look great with almost all decorative styles.

This means that you can choose to use your vintage Chair as featured in your modern decor or include it in a room with a more ‘ décor antiguinhos ‘, with other vintage and retro furniture.

In the first case, the ideal, however, is trying to make your vintage Chair has something to do with the decor. In General, modern decoration is made with straight lines and neutral tones, which favor the use of one or another prominent mobile. In this environment, use the your vintage Chair to bring a little more color and sophistication. Finish the décor decorating items like betting on rugs, pillows, blankets for sofas and curtains, which may also have a more colorful or printed footprint – depending on the model chosen Chair.

Here are some ideas from environments that have separated for you include your beautiful vintage Chair:


Usually, when we talk about using the vintage Chair in the décor, the first us environment occurs is the dining room, isn’t it? Mainly because this is the coolest place to ‘ dare ‘, using different types of vintage chairs and also merging with other decorative styles.

For your dining room, you can choose to use the vintage Chair game around the same time, or a mixture of decades and design using various chairs vintages. You can also merge with some retro chairs. In this case, the recommended is that the table is more neutral, especially if the chairs, in addition to having different styles, yet are very colorful.

The most currently used is a neutral table (which can be modern in materials such as glass or acrylic or also in wood, vintage and neutral in tone – since the model does not have many ornaments) and chairs of different vintages. You can choose to use a set of chairs equal and neutral, but, at the head, put a beautiful vintage Chair more ‘ body ‘, with arms and upholstered, or make a mixture with several different design chairs and well colored. Another option is to ‘ blocks ‘, with two or more chairs in the same style.

In any case it is important to not overwhelm the environment. Be independent by decorating with a vintage Chair or modern, the rule to find models that fit on the size of the table and let the free circulation still stands.

So nothing to choose a huge table just to be able to put that beautiful vintage Chair in the headboard and leave your dining room super jam-packed.

For small dining rooms, you can also do this ‘ merges ‘ with the vintage Chair. To do this, search for smaller tables (ideally oval or circular that occupy less space) and a set of vintage chairs also smaller (no arms are always more indicated).

In small locations must be even more vigilant in relation to colors. If you want to follow the trend of colorful chairs, remember to leave all the other furniture in neutral tones, so that the environment does not stay with even lower aspect, ok?

In relation to the vintage Chair models best suited for the dining room, there are various and, of course, everything will depend on your furniture and, especially, of your dining table. But, some are always found on the decorations in this style, such as:

-Chair DKR or DSR (with the colorful seat, clear or neutral in tone)

-50 years, chairs with the famous feet stick

-straw Chair

-thonet Chair

-seat Sao Paulo

– Louis XV Chair

-Chair Superleggera

-Airchair Chair

-Cesca Chair

And many others, provided that they are in tune with your environment.


The living room is also a great environment for vintage Chair, which can appear as a replacement to the lounge chairs or helping to create a more ‘ private ‘ corner for larger rooms.

As well as in the dining room, you can choose to make the base of your modern room decoration and use the vintage Chair as highlight or use other furniture from different eras.

In this latter case, just be careful that the furniture chosen have any relationship to each other and you do not pass the impression that your living room is a showroom of an antique shop.

For this, a very important tip is to try to get elements that have connection between the parts. For example, if you use a vintage sofa with wooden legs and arms, you will be able to choose for a vintage Chair 50 years, who also owns the feet sticks in wood. Note that they may be from different eras, but have some relationship, which makes the environment have some harmony.

The same is true at the time of merging decorative styles. In general it is used the contrast between modern and vintage. To have a nice effect choose the base of your living room furniture in modern style (with straight lines and neutral tones) and then highlight the environment with the vintage Chair (which can come in pairs or solitary) and other decorative items, such as frames, posters, a floral wallpaper or the prints of my pillow.

In the living room there are also many vintage Chair options, since those that resemble a Chair and, therefore, are more comfortable, even resembling even a simple Chair. There are no fixed rules and the important thing is that they are integrated into your décor. Some ideas are:

-Swan Chair

-Egg Chair

-Chair Eames

-Classic Chair with arms

-Tulip Chair

-Paimio Chair

-Diamond Chair


Although many people still wonder a little, is increasingly in high use of vintage Chair in the room space. Here, she gets multiple functions and can serve for a reading and relaxation room, helping in time to experience the shoes in the closet or even composing the decoration to the dresser. In some cases, you can also view the vintage Chair assuming other functions, as the times of the nightstand, for example.

Depending on the function selected, you can choose a specific model of vintage Chair. Here are some renowned indicated for this environment:

-Chair no. 406

-Diamond Chair

– Louis XV Chair

-Provencal Chair

-Panton Chair

Here are some inspirations of environments with the vintage Chair:

And you, what do you think of decorating using the vintage Chair? Leave your opinion!