Instagram Bolt, Snapchat’s New Rival Comes to Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand

Applications to share photos and ephemeral videos are now more fashionable than ever, do not stop get out alternatives to the popular Snapchat.
If Facebook last month launched Slingshot now does the same Instragram (owned by Facebook) with your new application Bolt that just launched at the moment only in Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.

Instagram Bolt It is a very similar Taptalk and Mirage, one touch application can share a photo or video to our contacts in private. At the bottom of the application will have a list of up to 20 contacts each of them being the shutter of the camera, so When you click on your contact to be taken and will send the photo or video. One touch sent a photo and holding the contact record a video that will be sent to the press.

After you submit a photo or video to a contact can remove this photo and video by sliding the catch would make one side for contact does not already have access. Instagram Bolt You cannot share a same picture with more than one contact or share photos from the Gallery, only the taken with his camera. The application allows us to add a text to photos before taking them and reply to our friends with other pictures, videos and texts.

Instagram Bolt Instagram or Facebook account does not require to run, it requires entering our phone number to register and access contacts of our agenda to see who uses this new application. Instagram will launch this new application worldwide in the coming months.