Intel Could Be Considering Abandoning The MeeGo Development

After the fall of webOS following the decision by HP to not continue with the development and production of hardware for that platform, rumors are now baited with MeeGo. Fruit of the collaboration between Intel and Nokia, it seems that the “marriage” of the latter with Microsoft has never looked too well among executives of the Santa Clara-based semiconductor company. To the extent that some media are becoming echo of his intention to leave MeeGo to fend, abandoning all intention to continue to evolve the platform.

A decision that seems to be based on the lack of support from manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in order to accommodate the OS in their devices. Proof of this is the appearance until the time of a single smartphone, Nokia N9, fruit of the collaboration of both multinational and whose distribution to different countries, including United States and United Kingdom, was suspended by the Espoo.

However, this cessation of activity does not mean disengagement from Intel in the field of mobile telephony, where to focus its efforts in the development of compatible hardware for mobile devices equipped with Android and Windows Phone next 2012, according to sources at the company.

In response to these rumors, Intel has refused to make any kind of comment, ensuring their commitment with the MeeGo community, working with the developer community to meet the needs of customers and users. But, for how long?