Intel Us Teaches Android 2.3 on Your Platform Medfield

Not only had confirmation by an official video clip released days earlier, but that the boss of Google, Andy Rubin, appeared on the scene at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), to confirm that Android will work on Intel Mobile hardware platform.

The date marked on the calendar is January 2012, time that Gingerbread will come to the Intel Atom, pretty late if we bear in mind that Ice Cream Sandwich will be already enough war.

Andy Rubin said that they would continue working on support and optimization with Intel X 86, so understand that the gap with other hardware platforms could diminish over time.

During the event, Intel showed prototypes with your hardware Medfield and Android as an operating system, among which there were tablets and Smartphones. Medfield is based on 32nm technology, and can be an interesting alternative, but we don’t know if the height of ARM provides to the market (Project Kal – El, Cortex A15…).

As you can see in the video, the phone is slim, only 9.5 mm, for Intel Atom chips inside, and also to inform us that the GPU is cutting-edge, possibly a PowerVR SGX 543MP2, which you know as it spends on the iPad2.

Until the middle of 2012, we will not see a phone with Medfield hardware on the market.