IOS 5 Will Include an Alarm of Earthquakes

With each new version of an operating system, we have news that sometimes are useful but rarely changing our use of the terminal. In this case Apple has gone one step beyond and after what happened with the last earthquakes Japan has decided to implement within the operating system an alarm that warns of earthquakes in Japan.

In the App Store already there are applications with this same function as Yurekuru Call, but what is interesting in this case is that it will come natively in the operating system. Obviously it will only be useful for those living in Japan where, given the large number of earthquakes that suffer, have an incredibly advanced notices system that can alert the population with a few seconds in advance – with a maximum of two minutes – which can be critical to saving lives.

As a counterpart, have enabled the earthquake warning system can drain the battery of the iPhone sooner than expected, something that also may be critical in these situations, the phone is longer maintained permanently connected to the Centre of notification of earthquakes.

Anyway, it is interesting to see how little by little phones are becoming small details and new applications that make them essential and which can be of great support beyond the original concept for which they were created.