iPhone 5-a Good Buy? (Video-Test)

Web TV: do you have an iPhone 4 but do not know if you need to upgrade to 5′ eren? In this feature, we are close by and you can also experience the sound quality by conversations.

There have been counted correctly a lot about iPhone 5, and the big question has been whether it provides value to upgrade from the previous models, to the new one.

In the above web-TV feature, you can experience the iPhone 4 and 5 next to each other. We also test whether noise reduction works. You can hear the sound quality, and compare with the common mikrofonlyd.

In addition, we are showing in the passbook function function, and then you can see the notch that is already in our test version of iPhone 5.

In the feature, you can also view the sharing in the Photostream.

Please also read our full test of the iPhone 5 and get many more details.