Jazztel Mobile Slashing One Million Customers and Renews Its Agreement with Orange Network

The monthly data that now offers the CNMC and previously the CMT let us clear that the big winners in the market of mobile telephony in Spain are the virtual operators, Although the grouping of the results of all these operators in a single datum does not leave us to see the evolution of each one of them separately.

But every three months thanks to the presentation of results shareholders have the opportunity to learn about the specifics of some of them, as it is the case of Jazztel mobile, that has presented a few clearly revealing data and is that at end of September, it was the figure of a million mobile customers.

Jazztel mobile numbers speak for themselves and is that it has 993.395 customers as of September 30, almost 200,000 more than three months ago and with a growth 320% internual evidence that offer convergent operator is operating, with an important fishing zone of mobile lines among customers who already had ADSL.

Now the only risk of stagnation of Jazztel is reached when loyalty to the ADSL customers and home Internet customer base grows at one much slower pace, only added 33.641 customers in the last three months, captured once all fixed customers will need to reinvertar your offer offline home, forgotten by full right now.

Renewal of the agreement with Orange and 4G soon

Jazztel has also tapped the presentation of results to announce the renewal of its agreement with Orange to provide mobile coverage of the latter until at least January 31, 2018. Both operators have wanted to highlight that the agreement includes access to 4G, although a specific date has not been given that Jazztel mobile customers can access the 4G of Orange.

At the moment no virtual operator, either with Orange coverage or another operator, has 4 G coverage Jazztel Mobile could be the first virtual operator to offer it, a great attraction for potential customers but still see when will arrive.