Jazztel Strengthens Its Commitment to Terminals with a New Pack of Smartphone Plus Tablet

Is seen that offer good rates, the case of convergent offerings of Jazztel is a good example, not seen success ensures great competition that lives the mobile market today and is for this reason that the operator has decided to strengthen its offer of terminals with a new smartphone pack more tablet.

Jazztel, one of the operators more active when it comes to include new devices that are not limited only to smartphones and tablets, but it also offers TV and consoles to deadlines, now added to its offer a pack consisting of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi, sleeve type book included, and a Samsung Galaxy and.

In its bid to strengthen its offer of terminals Jazztel is still committed to tablets with the launch of this new pack priced at 2.42 euros per month for 24 months, what you give a payment total of 58.08 EUR team free with gift case included they would have a set price of more than 250 euros.

That if, on this occasion Jazztel if that put limits on who can access this pack, and it is that only those who hire the Pack savings without limits, fixed + ADSL + mobile line with unlimited national calls and 1 GB by 54.35 euros per month, may be made with him. Acquired to make this Pack stay is two years, with a penalty of 199 euros less paid pack fees.

Good prices for smartphones to deadlines

But in addition to incorporating different devices in your catalog and threatened by other operators, especially with the rise of smartphones to zero euros on Telstra, Jazztel has been reinforcing its range of smartphones with more models but also adjusting prices to pay for your users.

Thus we can find very basic smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and free but we can also find a very good offer for the Nokia Lumia 520, available by 2.42 euros per month for 24 months, and a wide variety of phones for up to 4.84 euros per month and a series of smartphones to a discount outlet.