Jewelry for Men of All Styles

Time was that male accessories were just the hat, belt and sunglasses. Modern man learned to enhance your look with some very interesting items and customized to the male audience: bracelets, necklaces and rings.

The modern man is convinced that well chosen accessories, according to the style of each, can be allies in time to compose the look. And companies, taking into account that demand, increased supply of men’s jewelry. The problem is: with the market with more men’s jewelry available, what to use? Which jewels invest? Check out our tips.


There are multiple models, even with stones and shine for those who like a good visual style. In General, these pieces have a thickness thicker if compared to the made for the female audience.

Men that make the line more discreet, can opt for models in silver, Platinum or white gold. Ideally be smooth or have some subtle detail.

Who makes the line of rock and roll, you’ll love a piece that suits your style and that is used at the right time.


They can be more thin, with a discrete pendant. Chains leave the visual more charming. In this case, the choice of metal is individual tastes. A common mistake is to mix metals that are not noble (copper and bronze) with social costumes, but even a most noble metal, such as gold, should be used with caution: the exaggeration would make you look like a “Bookie”.

If the idea is to discretion, one-piece will give an account. If you want to make an impression, you can choose the thickest chains, which has various models and thicknesses. What counts is to use what most suits you.


Besides the watch, jewelry more sought after by men, can increase the visual with bracelets. There are the discreet, with finest chain, and the most stylish, larger thickness. Here at FASHIONISSUPREME, you can check more models of bracelets as jewelry for men.

In the case of bracelets, you can use more than one piece at a time. Men with style stripped has the option of mixing different designs and materials.


It is not today that men like to leave the charming look with a pair of earrings. The more adventurous can stay with flashy models, full of brightness.

Men who prefer a little more discretion, shall choose by classical models, without stones or brightness, or by simple rings.


They can even be used on a daily basis, but are at the parties, especially the gala, the cuff links are the most successful.

There are different models, even with brightness, made of various materials. The claśsicos can have a simpler design, without details, in silver or gold. Already the fashionistas are flashy models with applications even gems.

If you’re not a fan of jewelry, but if you sympathize with the idea to introduce them to your look, there’s no need to go putting all at once. Start with the traditional: invest in a good watch. Once this is done, if your style is social, the CAP look with tie clips and cuff links.

Want to dare more? Then opt for gold chains and rings with differentiated design, stylish or custom, all according to your style and personality.

Now you know: there are jewels to suit all styles. It’s feel good regardless of the occasion.