John Chapman Bags

At a time when more and more people move their production abroad in pursuit of keeping costs down is it fun for us anglofiler to see that there are still companies who care for and care about the British craft tradition. John Chapman bags is one such company. Factory and production in Cumbria in the North of England provides to customers around the world with well-made and sturdy bags. Today we take a look a little more closely at the mark and especially their line Rivers Collection.

Unlike many other British company which produces classic products so have Chapman Bags not a history spanning several hundred years. The business was started in 1984 by John Chapman, who was a successful salesman and who chose to leave their jobs at bag Liddesdale Fishing Bag Company. Together with his wife Jo, he began to manufacture the bags at home in his own kitchen. Rather quickly moved production to its own factory and it was prestigious and big customers such as Harrods, Liberty’s, Purdey, Holland & Holland. As the business grew further as it moved into new premises at Tannery Road in Carlisle, where it still exists. John sold the company in the 90 ‘s and since then the company has had a few owners. The current took over in 2006 and has invested heavily to both rehabilitate and develop products. An example of this is that in recent years, a few more modern lines were launched. The company, which has its background in ingrained with core British hunting, horseback riding and fishing bags felt they wanted to reach out to a younger and more urban audience.

As a first step was launched about 2 years ago City Collection. A clear urban line with Italian nylon and leather and in very blue and black in contrast to the past when the canvas and leather dominated, and in tones like olive, khaki and green. Recently launched a cross through the collection Rivers. It feels more exciting and combines Chapman’s roots and tradition with the conditions that apply to people today. It has a classic look, where a specialvävt kanvastyg in 18oz twill is used. This fabric is waterproof and all bags have clever storage and thoughtful details. The price level is also better than that of the City.

If you want to peek at the bags they are in Gabucci, Hugo and Tweed & Country Sports in Stockholm as well as Hunting & outdoor yard in Lund.

Portfolio Bovey.

Shoulder Bag Itchen.

Backpack Ribble.

Wye Work bag in dark blue.