Journey, The Creator of JotterPad X Brings a Newspaper to Score Moments

I’ve never been to use daily applications as such, despite for example go a pesar de por ejemplo ir dejando leaving “footprints” on Foursquare or Untappd for example. However, when I learned that the creator of JotterPad had released an app of this type decided to give him a chance given the well that you had been this Notepad for Android.

Journey gives rise to few deception with his name: a diary in which every day are going making different annotations for the moment that, for some reason, have been important for us. At the moment it is in private beta, but already we have been able to sink his tooth.

Dear diary…

As we open the application the first thing we ask is that we create a user based on one of the Google accounts that you have synchronized our Android. This is done, a flat interface but designed with good taste that we invite to register now.

We can do it instantly to record something that is just happening. We give the button more and we can add a bit of text, an image, the location in space and additional information such as the time. Its creator has taken advantage of the work of JotterPad X to add a Markdown Editor.

The tool to add time to the calendar is really powerful, indeed the number of options is surprising when sometimes we want something as simple as filing a photo and one or two sentences. Later in the calendar we can consult all the moments.

We can also see our time in the journal on a map and we can register those who have passed previously. If we have enabled the geolocation in the application it will warn us When we come close to give us a reminder. Something similar to what does GPMess.

The notes can be shared even export it in PDF. At the moment the application is in development but the first feeling it has been really good. It is very complete and personally has managed to engage me to score moments whenever occurs something important, in addition to register those who have already occurred.

As I said at the beginning, the application is in closed beta. However, we may request permission to the Google Group + and join us as testers to test it on our own. Normally validation takes little, although it is not open as in other groups of this social network testing.