Leagoo Elite 1, Analysis: Design Care to Price

This year we have seen how many brands have emerged Chinese with new terminals every day more capable and more careful design. This is a trend that is making very difficult the choice new smartphone, especially taking into account prices to those who see this kind of mobile.

Leagoo Elite 1 It is a clear example of this is that it is a terminal with very interesting specifications With 3 GB RAM, Reader prints or a front camera 8 megapixel with autofocus even and a design with metal body and rear glass this smartphone suggests ways.

A medium-range with personality

Elite 1 It is a mobile terminal, reminiscent in some ways to the design that marked iPhone 4/4s, with front and rear glass and metallic central body part. It is a smartphone with 5 inch FullHD display and the truth is that it has very compact dimensions.


Leagoo Elite 1
Screen 5 ‘ IPS FullHD 1920 x 1080px
Dimensions 143,8 x 69.5 x 7.5 mm
Weight 136 grams
Processor Mediatek MTK6753:
-Octacore A53 1.3 GHz 64bits
GPU Mali T720
Format Unibody aluminum-magnesium with front and rear glass
Storage 32 GB with MicroSD support up to 64 GB
Cameras -Front: 8 megapixel with led f/2.4, wide-angle autofocus and 77 °
-Rear: 13 Megapixel, autofocus, f/2.0
Network connectivity DualSIM:
-2g: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
-3g: WCDMA 900 / 2100 MHz
-4g: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600 MHz
Wireless connectivity -Wifi
Software Leagoo OS v1.1, layer customization on Android 5.1.1
Battery 2,400 mAh lithium-ion
Price Approx. 160 euros to change

As you can see in the specifications is quite a smartphone promising, Indeed, it has a very affordable price for what it offers and more once you touch it and you see that we are not talking about a Chinese plastic device you realize that is a smartphone with a pretty good finish.

If we have to put one sticks to the design we will spin something fine, commenting on typical black frame that exists between the frame of the terminal itself and the edge of the screen. In addition, we add that button Home/reader of fingerprints that is perhaps too low.

Having seen the specifications and reading the section of battery has surprised us the same physical thickness, since perhaps hoped for that capability somewhat less thick.

High quality screen although the smartphone asks more

The smartphone design is impeccable and the “hole” to the screen seems to demand a screen between 5.2 and 5.5 inches. However since Leagoo have made use of black frames approximately two millimeters in the side and more on the top and bottom margins.

It is something that is not surprising since there are many models that make use of it, which bothers me personally is that some images on the web screen shows image until the physical framework of the terminal and in others a minimal black frame when the reality is not so.

Talking about the quality of image display only we can comment is a large panel IPS LTPS technology. Thanks to that it seems that it is situated the screen on the same surface of the glass touch Gorilla Glass 3.

This screen offers wide viewing angles without distortion of color and an adjustable brightness that is capable of offering levels as to be used in full light of the Sun without problems. In our measurement screen emits around 400 lux at maximum brightness, at the height of mobile’s major brands.

The screen resolution is FullHD, read 1920 x 1080 px, and with a diagonal size of 5 inch It gives a density of 441ppp pixels.

To this we must add that as we have seen in other smartphones within settings of screen we have a section called Miravision and it offers options of calibration, color temperature and adjustment of the screen to the user like.

Performance at the height of Snapdragon 615

Elite 1 assemble the SoC Mediatek MTK6753 that so many Chinese smartphones have decided to ride this last wave. It is a very well-balanced SoC, with remarkable performance and reduced consumption.

It is not the fastest on the market, in fact is quite behind the MTK6752, but behaves well even playing demanding 3D titles although whether that will be the main use of mobile, we would recommend other alternatives, it is clear.

The 3 GB RAM They help greatly in the section multi-tasking and although it is not something that a routine use of the terminal leave glimpse, it will thank you the most demanding mobile users. An example of this is that heavy applications like games are not closed if we want to stop for a second to check out WhatsApp or Facebook, among others.

Benchmarks Leagoo Elite 1
(Mediatek MT6753)
Telephone P8000
(Mediatek MT6753)
Alcatel Idol 3
(Snapdragon 615)
Aquaris E5 4G
(Snapdragon 410)
AnTuTu 5.7.1 64bits 33.649 33.451 29.123 20.534 (32-bit)
Quadrant 21.320 21.195 14.483 11.427
EPIC Citadel High Performance 55 fps
Ultra High Quality 26.6 fps
High Performance 55 fps
Ultra High Quality 24.4 fps
High Performance 49.8 fps
Ultra High Quality 29.1 fps
High Performance 56.6 fps
Ultra High Quality 32.1 fps
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 2.681
Multicore: 1.526
Metal: 1.141
Chrome Browser: 2.152
Multicore: 1.553
Metal: 1.103
Chrome Browser: 2.184
Multicore: 1.274
Metal: 880
Chrome Browser: 1.844
Multicore: 1.064
Metal: 794
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 6.415
Extreme: 4.380
Basic: 7.734
Unlimited: 6.168
Extreme: 4.204
Basic: 7.640
Unlimited: 7.223
Extreme: 5.278
Basic: 8.846
Unlimited: 4.341
Extreme: N.D.
Basic: N.D.
3DMark SlingShot IS 3.0: 284
IS 3.1: 184
IS 3.0: 285
IS 3.1: 184
IS 3.0: 163
IS 3.1: not compatible
IS 3.0: N.D.
IS 3.1: not compatible
PCMark – Work Performance 3.518 3.683 3.370 2.786

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The performance of the smartphone is that can be expected from this SoC, neither better nor worse. A smartphone that meets the needs of any user, and also thanks to the Mali GPU T720 MP3, It is capable of providing a correct experience in demanding games.

Leagoo OS 1.1 and the little wisdom in Customizing

Welcome to the world of Chinese terminals and their desire for customize the software the Smartphone. Much to our regret we have to inform you that Leagoo Elite 1 is another case of this trend.

It boasts of Leagoo OS 1.1 it comes with a launcher type iPhone, i.e. no application drawer.

It also offers some advanced features such as gestures on the screen stand for open applications from State of off screen either the ability to unlock the mobile via fingerprint.

With this launcher have a screen to the left all that he gives us direct access to the media player and then we will have all the desktops showing our applications.

Personally I prefer an experience as close to AOSP Android, though good, is not something that does not create much problem since you can install another launcher and select from the settings which want to use.

Apart from the launcher, we have support of fingerprint reader, installed on the Home button, and it works once we have lit screen.

Capacitive fingerprint reader works pretty well

It’s a capacitive fingerprint reader, by this we mean that we will not have anything to put finger over so that it is recognized. Very similar in operation to the Galaxy S6 or to iPhone 6. Is not the type of the Huawei Mate 7 / Honor 7, that if you put the finger unlocks the terminal to run it first you have to press the home button or power.

One of the things that we liked least is that personalization reaches the menu settings of Android, and may have a reduced version, or all sections.

The settings section is also customized in Leagoo OS

I think that for someone who is accustomed to Android this type of solution only created initial confusion and so initial not over time that we’ve been using it.

We felt curious the possibility to activate a hidden/safe mode in which applications you choose will ask a code of access, in this way the list of calls and messages will be hidden to the sight of curious.

Thus also the physical button additional we have on the right side of the smartphone with round shape and which will allow you to launch any application, configurable action by the user.

Photographs for Note If you put on your part

13 Mpx rear / front 8Mpx

This terminal also uses a camera with advanced features such as HDR mode either way beauty (somewhat exaggerated) and even Flash for selfies.

We do not have manual controls natively nor nor does it seem to be clear what resolution is the front or back camera. Software lets us choose up to 13 Mpx in the front and 16 Mpx in the rear, but beware, these are resolutions achieved by interpolation beyond the 8 megapixel and Mpx 13 who are the two sensors.

By way of note to the manufacturer, it seems more than another option more to confuse the user and seen the results I do not recommend spend those 8 and 13 megapixel respectively.

Beyond we will first discuss the results we’ve seen from the front camera and to you have called us the attention tendency to install a LED Flash in the front to be used as flash, companies like Apple or Huawei use full screen mobile to get that effect.

Sensor of 8 megapixel It has seemed correct, neither good nor bad. It is true that it is of a autofocus module that will allow us to achieve a greater degree of bokeh and a more precise focus on selfies. It is also true that the flash helps but in the end remains in little more than an accessory feature. The front-facing camera, as we say, well, but we found the problem in a very exaggerated, even in values beauty way lower or an HDR mode maybe something overexposed.

The camera rear boasts a backlit sensor 13 Mpx IMX214 Sony together with the optical f/2.0 makes a good Duet to get images in far from optimal light.

Here we have to put a but the capture of HDR images, which from afar we see how missing certain calibration function since we only see a dramatically clearer picture and not an image that wins in the dynamic range.

The quality of pictures is good in bright sun and if we go to indoor and night behaves quite well and more if helped it with the dual LED flash that accompanies Leagoo Elite 1.

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Another point that we must take into account is the situation of the same. To be so elbow, We have to be careful when capturing images with it if you do not want to also portray your own finger.

One final note of the camera is that both allow recording FullHD and no chance to record video more resolution or not with more fps than 30, i.e., no slow motion.

Autonomy, the fairer the terminal point

Obviously nothing more to read the specifications already us did an idea that mobile was embarrassed in paragraph autonomy. Those 2,400 mAh They seem to be insufficient and more when it seems that the 3,000 mAh are standardizing.

In fact with those 7.5 mm thick which announces the manufacturer, they are really 7.9 mm measured with Vernier caliper, seem to physically accommodate more battery. And having a unibody format without access to it, we have a terminal that justito reach the day.

With this smartphone, it gives us fear leaving home in the morning without an external battery case. As we have seen in our tests, Leagoo Elite 1 can reach a whole day from morning to night, but already claims us a load.

In the battery test with the brightness of the display calibrated PCMark has given us a result that suggests that we we have a mobile with a good autonomy.

Enough for one day of normal use for navigation, messaging and email push, some of game and a bit of music if you are not of those who used it thoroughly.

It is also true that we have detected that the terminal has a higher than normal consumption at rest, it seems that it does not fit correctly in deep sleep mode. This is surely the culprit of that day just autonomy, because when using it with the screen on it is able to withstand many hours as shown in PCMark.

It is perhaps more defendant if we use the unlock method of fingerprint reader, something that neither plays to his favor and hope that Leagoo will be able to solve in future software updates.

Elite 1, a “I want and I can not” at a great price

Without a doubt the great asset of this phone is its price, it is actually very competitive for what it offers, to have 3 GB RAM, a decent camera and a design and quality construction.

It depends on the type of user that you are and what you look for to see if you can balance this terminal, with their buts, already. According to my personal experience, once I got rid of the original launcher and used Google Now Launcher smartphone He has given great service by engaging in what we could call the new mid-range with design and high-end materials.

In favour

  • Offset hardware
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Quality/price ratio


  • Autonomy
  • No NFC
  • Overly intrusive software layer

The phone has been granted for tests by Leagoo. You can consult our policy of relations with companies