Leaked Videos of the HTC One M9

The well-known Twitter tipster, upleaks, has blessed this world with videos showing the upcoming HTC-flagship

Mobile World Congress 2015 and thus the launch date for the HTC One M9, not many days away, which means a steady flow of læks and answers on rumors.

However, it is often difficult to decipher the validity of the many images and videos, but the well known tech-shaman, upleaks, uploaded on 24. February videos that give us a thorough look at the upcoming Sunday secret.
He reached to put the videos up, before his Twitter profile in secret were shut down-probably by HTC people who not so pleasing on this mysterious collapse.

The critically acclaimed design from aluminium-darlingen, One M8, enables clear mark on the design of this heir. As something new, in it there is the HTC attaches weight strongly resembles an original promotional video, the new option for dual-color, namely combined silver and gold.

Also promoted the possibility to select the desired theme for his trusty Pocket kompagnons appearance — an option that has been finding on HTC phones, but there is some evidence of a greater involvement in this genre.

Alternate projectile launchers to your Android phone carries a variety of unique properties. Some are so clever to be able to customize your home screens, depending on whether you’re on the go, at home or in the meeting. The video shows the HTC Home Widget that supposedly does the same thing, and we don’t have to resort to third-party developers for the even-minded smartphone.

Also suggests that the familiar HTC-exclusive news reader, Blinkfeed, has been given a face lift, and as well, the focus is on the familiar HTC Boom sound-speakers that reportedly would bring even higher and better sound.
It is often criticised the Ultra Pixel camera that doesn’t see darkness as the enemy, are now moved to the front so that even obscure party-selfies may be placed in the box with satisfactory outcome. The big change is the backward-pointing optics screwed up to 20 megapixels, and therefore higher detail than previous One-generation capability.

The videos look very official looking, but do not be deceived-this can be from early in the development process and design changes may have happened along the way.

Hurry up to see with including-it is impossible to know how long so revealing videos found on the Internet.