Learn How to Make Stickers for Nails in the Printer

Today we’ll show you how to make gorgeous stickers your choice with the home printer. It may not be a simple task, but worth following the steps with calm because your nails will kick butt!

1-you will need a folder L, extra glow of nails, scissors, glue, white enamel, toothpick, cotton and acetone.

Warning:the steps 2 to 19 teach how to make the template, if you want to skip this part and just download, click: nail templates-download from THENAILMYTHOLOGY. After download, continue following the other steps.

2-Open Microsoft Word. Click the page layout, margins, custom margins and change only in says:

  • Top and bottom: 1.5 cm.
  • Left: 1.32 cm.
  • Right: 1.31 cm.

Once you have done this, select “ok”.

3-Still in word, go to insert, shapes, select the rectangle and generate the form on the page. Click on the rectangle, doing this will appear the drawing tools and format:

4-format, find where it says “size”, the superior type 13 cm and 3.5 cm side:

5-click again in the rectangle, format, fill in the form and click “no fill”. Also select outline shape and thickness 1/4 ppt.

6-Again click the rectangle, go to format, click the icon the same as circled in the image below, select align left and click again to align top.

7-go to the Forms tab, click in the form of a rectangle with rounded corners and handles on the page without worrying about the size. Note that in the top of the form generated has a square yellow, where you may be leaving the even more rounded rectangle just by clicking and dragging.

8-click the shape, go to format and adjust the size higher to 1.82 cm and 1.32 cm side.

9-Select the rounded rectangle (which is the format of the nail), go to format, complete the form and select no fill. Click on your nail format, go to format, select the icon like the image below and choose the alignment options on the left and then higher.

In this step the format of the nail should be positioned as the following image:

10-select the format of the nail, hit ten times the arrow on the right and then ten times on down arrow:

11-Select the format of the nail, press “Ctrl + C” on your keyboard and “Ctrl V” filling down.

12-while holding the shift key on your keyboard, click each shape. After that all formats are selected on the format icon as in the image below, choose the options for left alignment and distribute vertically.

13-Still with all selected formats, in part to organize find the icon just like the image below, and then click Group.

14-now “Ctrl C” on the nails that were grouped and “Ctrl V” to arise new alike.

15-hold the shift key, select the two columns and go to group again until turn only one object:

16-drag to the side the format with the nails (it will appear an empty rectangle), holding shift click on the two figures, go to align objects (shown earlier), choose Center and align middle. Select again the two forms and group. Completing this step the form will look like this:

17-copy and paste (Ctrl C and Ctrl V) until five tables on the page. Holding the shift select all forms, go to format, alignment, distribute horizontally and the top. Pressing shift again in all forms, group until it looks like this:

18-Click on top of the object, align in the Center and the top. Copy and paste; Select the new shape, align at the bottom and Center.

19-click on formats and ungroup multiple times (in the same place where you grouped) until the nails stay individual:

20-Go on Google images search for pictures that you want to put on the nails and save to your computer or you can also use pictures that you already have as pictures. Click on desired nail, go to format, filling out forms, images, search for engraving your chosen computer and insert. Another option to find drawings in addition to Google, is when you insert the image choosing Clip art and get the desired word as butterflies. Another alternative when you click the fill form is fill with gradient and texture.

21-cut the folder L in the Middle, so that the front and back release. Put inside the folder a sheet A4 and cut the size of this. Pass the extra brightness in the folder L cut and let it dry. Put a layer of glue and allow to dry again.

22-after a drying time of L folder, print out your molds with the images selected in the part where it was passed the extra brightness and glue (if you don’t know how your printer works, test with another sheet first; for example: certain printers launches the image on the side opposite of what was put in foil). It is important to configure the print out with the highest quality.

23-Apply white nail polish on your nails and pass an extra brightness.

24-the nails still wet, remove the shapes of nails with a stylus or a stick (the adhesive will hold the folder L), place carefully on your nails and pass over a layer of gloss.

25-Use the toothpick with cotton and acetone to remove plastic that surpassed the nails. If you have a part about a lot can cut with the scissors or sanding.

Ready! Now you can parade around with your nails the way you want!