Learn What are the Methods of Fishing and What Differentiates

Even the most experienced angler trial and don’t know all types of fishing. Therefore, we produce this article to explain the differences between the main fishing methods practised nowadays. Come on?

Fishing for construction:most traditional in Brazil

Fishing for construction is one of the fishing modalities more practiced in Brazil nowadays – especially if we consider the fisheries for “net pay” as fisheries for construction, which is technically true. The equipment for this fishing mode are diverse and depend on the fisherman – may include Rod reel or spool, simple bamboo rod, among others.

Fishing can be outdoors, in a river of the city or even in a fish-pay. In the case of do in the city, it is indicated that a monthly or weekly – ceva ceva is the Act of leaving any type of food in place of the fishery to accustom the fish to eat in the same place.

Fly:one of the most widely practised fishing arrangements in the USA

The fly is one of the fishing modalities widely practiced in the U.S. and other countries, but very little known in Brazil. His name is given because the decoys, which are crafted handmade. The bait get stuck in hooks on specific fly rod, which is very long and flexible, it still takes a reel and a thick and long line.

The technique is “simple”: the fisherman throw the bait (light) by means of blows of the stick in the air (known as “whip”). The idea is that the bait mimics those small insects and flies to lagos and thus attract the predatory fish.

Trolling:boat fishing with engine running

The technique of trolling is a form of boat fishing where the vehicle remains in motion with the engine running. The bait here can be natural or artificial, but is loose in the water at a distance of 20 to 50 meters and so is dragged down by speed boat – the idea is to give the impression that the bait is alive. The rods for trolling are short and reinforced with thick lines and the use of reels .

Ocean:deep sea fishing

Ocean fishing mode, as the name indicates, is characterized by deep sea fishing boats with powerful engines. Typically, oceanic fishing is done with the moving boat, but it’s not a rule.

The main goals of those who want to venture out for the oceanic fishing is the capture of tuna fish and peas (which can reach 600 pounds). Are commonly used artificial lures on ocean fishing and larger, more flexible rods and reels .

Beach fishing:different ocean fishery

Beach fishing is one of the fishing modalities that may seem similar to Oceanic Fisheries, but are different modes. While the ocean is made on the high seas, beach fishing is conducted in beaches of tombo (slings from the beginning) or shallow beaches. Another difference is in the equipment: Beach fishing uses long sticks (from 2.5 meters to five meters) and hairline so that the bait is less dragged by the waves.

Pitch with artificial lures:beginner in Brazil

The pitch with artificial lures is the most used abroad, especially in the U.S., and begins to popularize in Brazil just now. The concept of the sport is to use artificial lures (which resemble small fish, thrush or even snakes) to simulate these animals in real life and attract the predatory fish.

The type of stick is not so important in this mode, importing more kinds of bait (are many options, like the froggers, half-water, bottom, spinners, jigs, propeller, zara, etc.) and the technique of the fisherman at the time of the shooting and in the hour of work the bait in the water.

And there, fisherman, which of these fishing modalities you like to practice? Tell us in the comments below!