Lebara Renews Its Offer of Bonds from Internet, from 250 MB Per Week for 4.95 Euros

Mobile operator that does not have a good supply of bonds of Internet operator which will be relegated to those few people who still do not hire a connection to the network for your mobile phone, and in order to connect with the public majority, therefore Lebara just renewed his offer of bonus data, although that Yes, worse.

The new offer of the virtual offers three bonds, an weekly and two monthly duration, with from 300 MB and 500 MB in the second case, but clearly offers worse than earlier bonds data of Lebara, offering 250 MB per week by three euros or 500 MB by five euros per month.

The new offer from Lebara It starts with a weekly bonus of 300 MB for 4.95 euros finishing in a 1 GB monthly by 12.39 euros, although we know all their details:

  • 250 MB for seven days for 4.95 euros.
  • 500 MB for a month by 8.26 euros.
  • 1 GB for a month by 12.39 euros.

Conditions really unattractive when compared with other operators in prepaid offers, see Tuenti or mobile Jazzcard, but that also cloud even more if we detail which the excess data is paid two cents for mega, that it is not permitted the use of VoIP applications, or that the extra balance obtained through promotions cannot be used for payment of these bonds.

Therefore we have data rates reform that has deteriorated in all cases the previous offer, which had an attractive bonus of 500 MB per month for five euros, subtracting attractive the hiring of services of Lebara for those who need a permanent connection to the Internet from your mobile.