LED RGB: Understand How It Works!

If you came to this article, you probably already know the benefits of LED bulbs, read about the main types and now seeks to delve into the subject and learn more about the LED RGB, right?

In today’s post, you’ll learn more about this LED and know everything about your operation. Follow!

What Is The LED RGB?

The RGB LED, in fact, is a set of three encapsulated LEDs, each with a distinct color: Red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue). RGB refers therefore to the primary colors for the light. Blending the three and changing their individual strengths, can make any color of the visible spectrum.

Electronically, each color can vary your intensity on a scale of 0 to 255, which when combined the three colours, it is possible the formation of more than 16 million different colors-you can play with the combinations in this creator of RGB.

What Are The Types Of LED RGB?

RGB LEDs are found in five different types: transparent, diffuse, bicolor, SMD LED and OLED.

Transparent LED

Are the three LEDs of different colors-one red, one green and one blue-United in a transparent capsule. If more than one LED is lit, you can tell them apart, not being this type of LED indicated for colorization. Its brightness is more intense than diffuse LED.

Diffuse LED

The shell of this LED is made of translucent material, IE not let light escape directly. When more than one color is on, they blend into a capsule, forming a new color for colorization of environments, this is the guy.

Bi-Color Led

Follow the same principle of RGB LEDs, however, only have two colors – usually, the Green and red, but there are other options available. Their colors can also be combined to form other.

Smd Led

LEDs are very small, and can reach 1 mm, used a lot in ribbons and small electronic circuits.Are found in the different types mentioned above.


OLED stands for Organic LED (organic LED). This is the most advanced type, used on screens of smartphones and TVs. Being a recent technology, still has a high cost.

How To Choose The Color Of The LED RGB?

Unlike a standard bulb, you buy only one color, in the case of LED RGB you buy the three colours in a single LED. This allows you to choose and change the color when you want!Except for that, you need a RGB controller.

What Is A RGB Controller?

The RGB controller is a device designed to control the color, intensity and effects of an RGB LED. Commercial controllers generally have a number of pre-set colors and effects like flash and fade-effect decreases and increases the intensity, in addition to controlling your speed.Some models allow you to customize other colors.

It is possible to construct a homemade controller with the arduino Board. There are several tutorials on the internet teaching how to do.

Where To Use The LED RGB?

There are various possibilities to use RGB LED, and the main are in decorative lighting. It is possible to give different colours to gardens, parties, night lighting of pools and replace the traditional Christmas lights by LED RGB tape: just use your imagination!

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