LG Could Say Goodbye to The Range G Flex to Focus on The Successor to The V10

LG began developing its range G Flex with the intention of way to the screens bends on their devices. The experiment was making its way, and finally this type of screens ended up being adopted both by some range Middle Korean as per its current flagship manufacturer, so we can say that it got to fulfill its mission.

And once met its goal it seems that LG will definitely leave the range. At least that is what they say about rumors that have echoed in Android Authority, are running where you won’t have any G Flex during CES. In its place is LG would be devoted to further develop the successors of the LG V10 with its two screens.

Farewell of the range G Flex

Snapdragon 810 problems and G4 ended up matching it both in inches and in curvature, it seems that the Flex 2 G He has failed to make too much noise this year. That could be one reason why rumors are beginning to point to that, neither shall there be G Flex 3 during this CES or perhaps all year.

His place as second vessel the company logo would inherit the V10 and its successors. It seems that LG starts to interest you most jump on the bandwagon of high-end Premium to continue to evolve its curved screens. In any case, these are just rumors, and it will have to wait a month coming to see what leads LG CES 2016.

But otherwise everything stays the same, and is not any mention of any type of change in the moving head of the manufacturer. So, as they did last year, is expected during the month of April be presented the expected LG G5 of which have already begun to rumors some details.