LG Fireweb: Smartphone Surfaced with Firefox OS at CES

That is first Firefox OS, the LG Fireweb, LG smartphone at CES to see as it reported at least Engadget. So far, the phone only in Brazil is available. Consequently, little is known about the device is known. Because the phone is not a flagship of brand, LG also not great touches the drum for the Fireweb. It is now even more exciting to get some information about the mysterious device with the unusual operating system.

YouTube Video: Presentation of the Firefox OS on the LG Fireweb (English)

Technical equipment: middle class

The inner workings of the LG Fireweb is known: A one-gigahertz processor powers the Smartphone. It has two gigabytes of internal memory, which is upgradeable via microSD card with additional 32 gigabytes. The four-inch display has a moderate resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. The camera on the back of the phone takes photos and videos with five Megapixels on.

impression at CES

Engadget shows little enthusiastic about the LG Fireweb: the mid-range phone more not to fulfill the expectations. Externally the phone reminds other LG phones. About the nexus 4, also the Fireweb has a back made of plastic on the glistening a little tile relief movement.

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Firefox OS

Above all its operating system is interesting on the LG Fireweb: the Firefox OS comes from the Mozilla developers and is a completely open system which is based on HTML5 technology. Accesses the OS on your own app store: the Firefox marketplace is similar to Apple’s app store or Google’s play store. In Germany are already some phones with Mozilla’s OS equipped.

Price and availability

The LG Fireweb measures 11.4 x 6.7 x 0.9 centimeters and weighs 123 grams. It is approximately 152 euros, to buy but so far only in Brazil. It is unclear whether the phone will also in Germany,.