Looks with Leggings: Fashion Tips

The black legging is most versatile part of the female wardrobe. It can be used both in winter and in summer, by more people and the more skinny fat, combines with different types of shoes and harmonizes the look with flat pieces, colored and stamped.

The piece offers a lot of comfort to perform movements and, therefore, is also widely used in practice. The model of black legging pants is discreet and disguises imperfections that both annoy women. Definitely a piece that goes with everything and can not miss.



On DEADLYLEGGINGS, the pants leggings can give a look quite modern, especially if she is from a different fabric. A black legging combines with a blouse with female accompanied by a good blazer and a shoe heels to give a sophisticated touch. For the hottest days, the black legging is perfect with a shirt style robe, a little longer and a sandal. The legging pants is already glued, a good tip is to combine with blouses and shirts more sonatinas. So, you don’t go out of fashion and is much more comfortable.


For the colder days, the black legging also brings various combinations. Use it with your favorite coat or overcoat and a jackboot without jump. If you do not want to wear a coat, very charming using your favorite Wool Sweater. The colors are your criterion since the black legging combines with any color. The most beautiful skinny girls are black legging and a short blouse, the combination will further your good shape. For more fat, a blouse a little longer to be elegant and discreet. The important thing is not to stop using the black legging in any of the cases.


At parties is where the pants leggings make more success. The combinations are endless and you can choose the pieces according to your style. If you have a windbreaker standing in your closet, use it with your pants leggings, a high or low boot of trekking and a pretty good a little below the waist. Another great tip is to combine your black legging with that dress that you love but he’s too short. Use a sandal to give a delicate touch to the production. Wearing heels and colorful is also allowed with the black legging pants. Combine with blouses, waistcoats and accessories of your choice.