Luxury Gifts For Christmas

When Christmas is approaching, inevitably, you end up dreaming of a magical gift, a bit ‘like when you were little girls, and they anxiously awaited the arrival of Santa Claus. With Christmas has in fact an opportunity (and perhaps a few pounds more) to treat yourself to something special that we cover and wait for a long time and especially there may be an opportunity to receive an unexpected gift, but absolutely welcome!

If it is true then that Christmas is made ​​of little gifts and thoughts, it is also true that sometimes you can have the opportunity to make “the purchase of the year”, by buying something that will make us happy and that will reward you for all the work done during year!


If this year you have decided to give you or make you give something really special you can not knock you on the most popular things from us women: bags, shoes and accessories!
In terms of Luxury presents you end up never go wrong buying, but, avoid buying “duplication” try to choose something original and unique that would stand out in your wardrobe and your look!
a great example can be these two bags in pastel tones for sale (at a discount) sull’ecommerce flea Solofate. it. It is a shopping bag pink powder pink Miu Miu and a mini bag blue Prada both perfect for winter because they stand out on coats and quilts, but also exploitable in the spring thanks to their soft colors. (Prada €890-€660 MiuMiu)

A unique Christmas gift idea from is brass earrings with sweet roses and Gabban to (€ 445) perfect to brighten up your face and give a touch of color to the look and keychains Phil Pom Pom with mink fur Sophie Hulme (185 €), perfect for attaching to your favorite bag and make it special!


As for the shoes on the other hand I’d go for the big must-have this fall:

– Tronchetti Balenciaga is perfect with jeans with a skirt, they are super stylish, but the thick sole and the front zip make them very aggressive! (675 €)
– Sneakers Adidas by Mary Katrantzou comfortable, super colorful and very unique, this sneakers are a must for anyone who loves fashion and also maximum comfort! (€ 179.95)
– Rick Owens sneakers in a very sporting skin but refined at the same time, they are perfect for those who love the sporty chic look and sweat pants or boyfriend jeans! (€ 797)
– Boots Isabel Marant suede elegant and very high, are perfect with skinny pants with short skirts because they give oomph to the look without making it too bold! (590 €)