Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture

Each year, before the arrival of spring, you must check it out to your garden to see if there is a need to carry out specific maintenance work for the care of outdoor furniture: here are the 5 steps to green angle must be accurate in every detail for the summer.

Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture

For all those who are fortunate enough to own a home garden, thinking of his care and maintenance in advance allows you to not find us unprepared for the arrival of the spring before the summer season!
During the warmer months the garden is used to spend pleasant hours outdoors, but apart from the care from the botanical point of view – plants, turf – there are many things to consider and treat before you can enjoy the garden and its furniture.

You already know where to start?

Follow the steps described in this article, and without much effort you’ll find yourself a flawless living garden for spring summer 2016.

Step 1: Review and Assess the Status of Outdoor Furniture

Before anything else, you’ll have to cough up the outdoor furniture where you decided to keep it during the cold and rainy winter: did you remember to place it in a dry and safe from the weather that could ruin him, right? In that case, go under the stairs, in the garage or in the porch to take a close look at the various elements and to conduct an evaluation of their condition.
You will need to check several things like:

  • The properfunctioning of folding chairs, umbrellas, gazebos and extendable tables
  • Need for thorough cleaning tables, seats and covers
  • Need for maintenance with specific substances in the case of wooden garden furniture

As a result, trying to open and close the chairs and umbrellas, to make sure there are no kinks in the mechanisms, and to check whether there are particular spots or cracks within the fabric of the tent – if so provide replacement of the interested party by purchasing side curtains for gazebo or beach towels for gazebo.

Finally, take a look at the wooden tables and chairs to determine whether there is a need to intervene with correspondence or a simple oil puree.

Once you know what to do for the various components, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Maintain Outdoor Furniture

After careful analysis, you just have to act with the right tools, so armed with:

  • brush
  • garden hose with large Jet
  • lukewarm water
  • soft cloth
  • mild soap

This arsenal will be really helpful for cleaning out your outdoor furniture, whether it is plastic wood furniture.

To wash the wooden garden furniture, in order to remove dirt and dust that accumulated during the cold season, it is necessary to have warm water and a mild soap if they wanted. In these cases the Castile SOAP is among the most popular.
Just dampen a soft cloth with neutral solution and gently wipe over the surface of wooden furniture, to remove remaining dirt.
Watch out for tight seams and points: you can use a medium hard bristles brush for smaller spaces and get a clean sweep.

* If you are unsure about the procedure of special materials ask manufacturers or in our case, see product and get to our online support.

At the end of the wash, let dry wood to air and givest to spread a layer of protective oil with a clean cloth: in addition to feeding the wood will give a more polished and personable.
Once cleared, check the status of the wood: teak and balau are both highly resistant Woods and from oily nutrients already present within them, but if it’s been a long time since their purchase you may notice the formation of cuticles of wood.
If so, use a very fine sandpaper to clean up this surface layer and proceed to feed it with a little oil, will do well to your furniture!

If you have outdoor furniture in polyrattan, you can use the spray hose to wash off any accumulated dust, having a soft sponge and finally end with a clean cloth to wipe away any water. Again, use a brush for tangle of polyrattan to clean chairs and tables at best.

At this point, check all movements of folding chairs, umbrellas or extending tables and, where necessary, proceed to lubricate the mechanisms to facilitate the correct opening and closing of the same game.

Step 3: Redesign Spaces and Garden Areas

This is the moment we perhaps wait since last season: you can redesign the layout of outdoor furniture as you prefer, or you can add furniture that you haven’t, or change the various grey areas created.

In this regard, unleash your imagination and try to complete the area of your garden with furniture items that you have not yet purchased: according to your taste, you can add a gazebo to broaden the shadow area, or place a small sofa in order to increase the level of relaxation in your garden, or tie up some chairs for moments of rest.
I mean, there are so many solutions!

Step 4: Replace Damaged Furnishings and Supplement by Buying What’s Missing

Do I look like that table now has had its day and no longer as solid as it once was? Or maybe the chairs don’t give you the impression of being able to withstand long relaxing sessions until the end of next season?
Perhaps it is time to replace the garden furniture: take a look at different solutions or balau teak wood, these are two very strong and durable, solid wood and able to resist the action of time and weather, but present the basic measures to protect them from themselves.

In particular, even if you decide to make new purchases, don’t forget to protect your garden furniture: there are special protective sheeting for garden furniture can safeguard them against atmospheric agents that tend to ruin them over time.
These caps can be added to preserve the umbrellas, or even very comfortable cushions for the seats, to ensure maximum comfort and protection at the same time the seat.

Step 5: Buy New Outdoor Furniture and Fixtures

Whether you want to replace the existing garden furniture with teak wood furniture or balau, or wishing to opt for a convenient and practical solution that requires minimum maintenance as the respondent polyrattan, try to take a look at our catalogue offers captive!
In our e-commerce offers what it takes to meet your needs and your tastes, at economical prices and choosing from your home what you’re missing before the arrival of summer.