MÁSMOVIL Adds Two New Prepaid and Improvement Rates Their Bonds of Internet

MÁSMOVIL continues to strengthen its range of rates to make it flexible to almost any customer’s need as main advantages of competition before converging offers and terms of mobile payments, improving on this occasion the rates for prepaid card and those directed to they sail from tablet or notebook.

Regarding the rates of card, MÁSMOVIL has included two new options with Classic prepay, i.e., those that are not conditioned to aan autotopup if not that it is the user to decide when you want to reload to benefit from the different rates for 30 days from the moment in which the recharge is.

Thus, newly released rate zero in prepaid is now completed with two new tariffs that combine bonds of minutes and megabytes per 12 and 7.50 euros respectively. The first of them with 100 minutes and 300 MB While the latter increases to 150 minutes and 700 MB, what the very well positioned compared to other rates prepaid you can see in the comparison.

For higher consumption, there would be to make the leap to the contract rates although in case of exceeding the limits shall apply rates of 0 cents per minute (more establishment of 15 cents) and 3 cents each additional mega. In any case with a cost per message 8 cents/SMS and if you not refills last 30 days for any reason, the rate will be 10 cents per minute more 15 cents of establishment.

Improvement of the bonus of mobile internet

In addition MÁSMOVIL apply now an automatic improvement to existing customers and new that has an exclusive rate of mobile internet in contract to navigate from tablet or computer modem USB or MiFi increasing included traffic and keeping the price.

Thus, 500 MB for 8 euro bonus pass now to having 700 MB while than the bond of 14.90 euros It will increase from 1 GB to a giga and medium for the same price and keeping the excess data to 3 cents mega but without reducing speed in any case.

An attempt to make more attractive rates in decline especially since there is the possibility of sharing our smartphone with WiFi internet but any improvement is certainly well received.

The complete range of rates available in MÁSMOVIL is follows: