MÁSMOVIL Debuts Offer Duet with Rebates on Zero Tariff to Bring Friends

In MÁSMOVIL do not stop, and it is carrying a time in which have renewed their main rates, first with the arrival of the zero rate prepaid and the possibility of hiring without data, then with new bonds of voice and data for this, then again most rates for prepaid and improvement of bond data and finally yesterday with a new agreement with Infoempleo.

And now the novelty also comes to affect the rate zero, both in its form with calls to zero cents as in unlimited calls, with a new advantage to those who sponsor a new customer or customers who carry hand MÁSMOVIL with another friend, and is that both will receive a discount on the monthly fee to pay.

On the one hand the rate zero with pay per minute with 1 GB reduced its share from nine to six euros per month, being therefore at the height of the offer with Infoempleo, while the rate CeroPlus, new name of the rate of the village, offering unlimited calls and 1 GB, low 28 to 24 euros per month.

These conditions shall apply in two cases, the first in which an already a customer reference to a new one or two new high which is reference among if. In both cases two people can enjoy these special conditions while choosing the same rate while the lines remain MÁSMOVIL with the same rate.

The complete range of rates available in MÁSMOVIL is follows: