Meizu MWatch Concept Unveiled by Department Head

A Department head at the Meizu has published some pictures of a smartwatch concept with really nice specifications.

There has been a lot of concepts on smartwatches through time, some have been realized, some not. In this time around is the Chinese Meizu who has been at the drawing board and give their take on how a smartwatch should look like.

The design is subjective, but the specifications are quite reasonable. There is expected a 2.4 inch curved screen with 480×640 pixels resolution, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, NFC, bluetooth and even WiFi. In addition, about a dream catalog on Meizu more than 5,000 applications that can run on the clock.

It sounds really nice, but there is still only a concept, so it is unknown yet whether the Agency will get to see the light of day.