Memorial Garment: Tunic with Paisley Pattern

I would not have thought six weeks ago that I would write this… and I’ve also tried not to do it-but it’s no different.

I guess I have to face the fact. Also, if I am the latest on Sunday, oh what tomorrow will regret, but: People, I’m really glad that today the school is going again. These unencumbered half-timers here are hard to bear for 24 hours at a time. And the horse films and the football films, too, and…

Oh, let’s leave that. On such days, I like to break a memorabilia out of the closet. And in this case, this is a tunic that I bought on La Palma.

That is almost 20 years ago. It was one of those holidays with the best friend. It was wonderful to be able to do things without taking great care. Of course, I do not mean to be gauded as egoistic full posts through the world, I hope at least. But I think you know how I mean it… Everything was more uncomplicated, because there was simply no other one to look out for. No small people who are constantly hungry and want to get up early in the morning. No, you could be cared for even at night at three to bed, because one morning was not really what had driven out of bed.

With The Giftzwerg Through The City

The tunic, for example, I bought according to CruisinginFashion when I was with my girlfriend for a whole day through the capital Santa Cruz. Together with a wide, white linen trousers… I know all this very well. In a family holiday, such an excursion would be unthinkable… Haha… the mood of my children would be in the basement shortly, and my son would probably enlighten me about the rights of children and that it would not be possible to expose him to this noisy and terrible city. Besides, I already ask that he is a vegetable, that is hard enough… My daughter would also annoy the wrath bend, so that the giftzwerg becomes totally intolerable…

Reminder Garment

Unimaginable still in peace, to drink a Cortado. That would know the short cuts, successfully… except, we would drink the cafe at MacD.On the other hand, I would like an hour-long stay in a street cafe. So, as my girlfriend and I did that at the time more often and were chattered and chattered and watched the whole passing people… Hach yes… that was already great…. But I know, of course, everything has its time – but it is all the more wonderful if I can recall the holiday so wonderfully alive with such a remembrance.

Tunic With Paisley Pattern

This tunic will never be a part of the collection. She is very “figurally friendly” cut and I have worn it also during my pregnancies. Okay not to the end-but since my kids were born both in winter, that would not have been possible anyway. Even if it breaks down at some point, I will never be able to dispose of this tunic, even if it never fits. In addition, the Paisley pattern is always modern again, or not even out of fashion. What a blessing and I am back at my entrance-what a fortunate thing that the school is going on again today. But wait, do we have anything at all for the break bread at home? Are sportswear packed? Where is the sports bag at all?Signed the testimonies? And oje, the feared parents’ orders are probably not long in coming.

I guess I’m pulling my tunic over my head and then I’m gone… shopping and in the laundry room and the therapy-after all, my son is coming to the fourth grade, the primary school. From this school year everything depends. If he learns later what G’scheits or not… Hiiiiii… I want holidays!!!!

Have a fine week dear all….