Mens Hipster Collection: Continue The Good Feelings of Pull & Bear Heritage

In Jezebel man We always walk earrings trends, whether in fashion, cosmetics o style. In fashion, the range is wide and the elegant clothing firms have a place both formal as the urban indicated for one audience more casual y Youth.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the low cost of Inditex signing Pull & Bear appears regularly by our tickets. Today we will discover the most interesting looks that star in the new campaign Heritage of Pull & Bear titled: Mens Hipster Collection. Ready for a bit of bohemian chic?

A few weeks ago already commented positively the new Heritage collection of Pull & Bear. For my taste it is a success that signature follow committed to this line of Bohemian aires, above all when his last two campaigns Dark Fall y The Boy they have not convinced me enough. Ironically, its new line Heritage aires vintage and minimalist is which brings more light and color to the brand during this autumn.

As we have seen so far in the images in the post, we have several season must present: as the coats double breasted, datasets total-denim and the pants worn. A gesture to highlight is the choice of the model to star in the hood: a subject with generous beard. We know that beards are fashionable and we also know that in addition to this, there are many models that look lush and neat beard.

The truth is that the Beard It fits perfectly with the looks that are shown in the campaign. The Beard get enhance that look sloppy in fully studied casual sets.

And speaking of gestures, in this campaign There is one recurring image after image. The Pant is remangar´ < /em > on the bottom, making it seem that it is < em > corto´. For my taste, some sets have shortened too much the pants, even to seem that the model There are fishing on the coast. But on the other hand, in its fair measure seems an interesting gesture that allows us to show off our footwear y socks in a different way.

To applaud is the incursion of the scarf as an important complement, they are practical to put on warmer clothes and continue to provide light and originality to our looks.

In addition to pants jeans y Chinese wear that we discussed, in the footwear things are also clear. The boots and booties Suede are shown as the only option, the difference will lie in its design Mountaineer rubber soled or nautical and cordoned off to the side.

With this campaign, Pull & Bear finally settle its line Heritage. For a server, it is a breath of fresh air full of good intentions, the time will tell if this line becomes a fundamental pillar of the brand or on the contrary just sinning of repetitive and disappears. You who think you, do you have future this line or you think that simply the Bohemian power so in vogue takes advantage lately?