Men’s Shirts with Rounded Collar

We’ve talked about in this post about the types of collar shirts, however, on occasion, we leave aside one of the rarest types to find out there: the rounded collar, also known as “club collar” or “golf collar”, whose use in Brazil appears to have many supporters.

But you might want who likes a look with retro touch, because this model was considered one of the pillars of the wardrobe of the man in the early 20th century and your Visual reference, almost instantly, the elegant costumes worn for 100 years.

The club collar is very common to be found on shirts where the color of the collar (usually white) differs from the rest of the shirt, as can be seen in the examples that illustrate this post. It can be found in shorter, more options are suitable for use with skinny or wide tie, bearing a traditional tie and tie-pin to arrest her.

The costumes of the Cyllian Murphy actor on the series BBC that Peaky Blinders tells the story of a violent gang of Birmingham in the early 20th century.

This type of collar does not seem to work well in looks very casual, so if you opt for the club, be sure to accompany it with a nice tie and classical, or a skinny swinger for minors. In the case of an event which requires a very formal or black tie attire is best avoided, the Protocol calls for the shirt with pointy collar or the model itself to Tux, also known as wing collar.

The tie which best adapt are mid fielders or small, such as the semi-winds or and the four in hand, we very long or very open can disrupt delicate and elegant format rounded collar.

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