Men’s Sweater

Today’s post (EEAA) and decided to talk about sweater, which I find super cute, leaves look a charm and the girls who are reading the post will agree. Well, the sweater is a piece for informal composiçōes, however the use of it in social clothes has been increasingly common, look at:

To use so the tip is basic: choose a neutral color and a V neck model. Advise v-neck by the fact be much prettier with a social shirt, as her drawing follows the cut of the collar of the shirt, soon you can leave the look much more harmonious. Another reason for the choice is to facilitate the use of the tie, so the node will be appearing, but if it was round-neck the node would be hidden in the sweater and let him stew, which is horrible, my people.

The abertinho sweater is also a hint to the social according to MustHaveSweater. If you’re not a fan of the jacket, this is a good option to stay comfortable, well arranged and more youthful. In addition, the open sweater combines in casual looks and give a touch more stiff. That feeling that you really cared about what I would wear, you know? In casual clothes, ideally, are the most free and those sweaters have been fairly used are those of knitting:

In casual looks, the combination can be with pants or shorts, sneakers, dock sides or even sneakers! To highlight the play, you can choose it with stamping, like these:

If you do not like to dare greatly, can opt for a traditional pattern of stripes, but beware: If you’re more fatty, AVOID very thick stripes, those that look like tracks, but does not have a with many stripes. Choose one with few stripes and thin.

And then, like it?

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