Microsoft Promises to Phone Windows Phone 7 Affordable in 2012

Have left us very important information back in the different news we published on Windows Phone 7, It also serves to understand the expectations so high that people have of Microsoft.

Redmond guys want to have a phone with your operating system possible affordable way. It is soon to do so, but in 2012 It will be the time to find us Terminal Windows Phone 7 for very competitive prices.

As for the price itself, not very clear in the information, since we speak of 100 dollars associated with a contract, so it will depend much on the value of the monthly, but still we positively value to talk of a reduction in price with respect to what we have at present.

The fall in price will be determined by the reduce hardware costs, widespread and common not only within Windows Phone, but on Android terminals.

This we share is not a rumor, said Andrew Lees, President of the mobile division of Microsoft, at the Worldwide Partner Conference Los Angeles.

Taking information that were left behind in time, we must also remember that Nokia was interested in having affordable terminals within the platform, so the hand of the Finns could also come the creation of a range of access.