Mobile Bank from Nordea Scores the Bottom Character

What users think about their bank-apps are different, you can here see which bank, which has the best and worst mobile banking.

The Danes have seriously taken mobile Bank for themselves – and now have advisory company Loyalty Group carried out an analysis of the BrancheIndex Bank, 2012, in order to find the Danes’ favourite Mobile bank, but also the worst.

We made earlier this year a study where the Danske Bank was voted as the best mobile banking application in Denmark.

Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank and Nordea is the next largest, but Nordea finds himself at the bottom when it comes to mobile banking applications. While Danish Bank once again finds itself at the top – along with Handelsbanken.

Nordea is among the nine banks, which clients are least satisfied with.

-“It is thought-provoking that Nordea has been unable to make more of their mobile banking. For many, it’s nearly the only contact they have with their bank, and therefore can in many ways be seen as mobile bank Nordea’s face in their daily lives, “said senior adviser Mikkel Grain tved from Loyalty Group about the results of the study.

Customers believe that it is the ease of use of mobile banking in Nordea, which lags.

-“The ease of use and the possibilities inherent in the mobile Bank, should and must be consistent with the overall picture, as Nordea would to draw by himself. The mobile Bank is a part of the customer experience and Nordea dumper hideously compared to the other big banks, “says Mikkel Grain tved.

The analysis also shows that the user experience has a meaning of loyalty from its customers, however, believes that customers not Cereal tved Mikkel switch solely because of mobile Bank.

However, it is important for banks is visible on the platforms and so it is also good for Windows Phone 8, that right has come a host of new mobile banking applications.