Mobile Republic, The MVNO That Rewards Monthly Users to Capture Customers

Some might think that the virtual mobile operators from Spain market is already saturated, and is that despite being the champions of the net gain of lines for portability not all grow equally, but still there are who do not think so, being shown today with a new MVNO that we have known today, Mobile Republic.

This new virtual, which like most of them will be with the Orange coverage, focuses not only on their rates, competitive especially in those with lower monthly fee, but also reward users to capture new customers for the operator, not only with a discount or similar point but in the form of discount every month.

This new virtual with headquarters in Madrid and that he will provide his customer from Spain is officially will launch tomorrow with four very different rates between Yes, bonds data and minutes for all tastes:

  • Mini: calls to zero cents per minute the first ten minutes of each call and 150 MB by 2.9 euros per month.
  • Small: calls to zero cents per minute the first ten minutes of each call and 1 GB by 6.9 euros per month.
  • Medium: 350 minutes and 1 GB per 16.9 euros per month.
  • Large: 1000 minutes and 1 GB per 24.9 euros per month.

In case of exceeding the minutes of Mini or small other rates are paid to a penny each while in medium and large are paid two cents per minute. The establishment of call in all cases is 15 cents while the SMS in all cases are priced at nine cents. In regards the data excess is paid in any of the rates to two cents by mega.

Up to a monthly discount for captured customer euro

But besides their rates mobile Republic will attempt to get to your order to attract 100,000 customers in two years based on a plan of rewards for customers that will offer these up to a monthly invoice discount euro for each new shot line, in contrast to the rewards of other operators which tend to be punctual, no monthly already.

When the new user hire rate Mini or small sensor user will receive half a euro discount invoice every month while if you hire rate medium or large you will receive a discount euro a month. The most important addition is that not set a number captured clients limit, so you can get to get the discount from the total of the invoice of the sensor and also receive the discount for lines captured by the captured.

Seen the plan rewards and rates, which primarily include the lowest of all by offering one bonus of data sufficient for mobile Internet very sporadic users who do not have many similar alternatives, only we wish luck to mobile Republic for place in a nothing simple market.