Mobile Tuenti Remix, Bonds of Weekly Data for Prepayment for One and Two Euros of Tuenti Mobile

Mobile Tuenti already had so far one of the best options for bonds from the market, with 1 GB for six euros a month both prepaid and contract data, but it seems that the virtual social network does not rest and now launches Tuenti mobile Remix, bonds of weekly data for its card customers.

With these weekly new prepaid mobile Tuenti users may be made with 100 MB to consume in seven days by a euro or 250 MB for two euros, contract at any time and can be combined among if or the monthly bonuses as the user desires, giving possibilities for users of all kinds.

With the launch of weekly bond mobile Tuenti offers its users the possibility to adapt their bonds to the user day, that you can predict have weeks or months of higher consumption than others and therefore change bonus data according to your needs. We can get 400 MB for four weeks for four euros or other combinations but if we achieve the six euros already it would be hiring the already known bonus of 1 GB per month for six euros.

With so much choice it’s best mobile Tuenti users will be analyze your usual consumption to determine than bonds, if weekly and that capacity or monthly, come better always having him note that the uneaten in any of the bonds not may accumulate beyond their lifetimes and excess in all of them paid three cents by mega.

Extra bonus of 300 MB per 2.5 euros

Tuenti Mobile has also announced also that soon will launch a new bonus of 300 MB for 2.5 euros which is can hire as many times as you want to the user Once you have exhausted the monthly bonus and that binds to the already known bonus 2 GB for 12 euros.