Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The sleek modern bathroom is inspired by the minimalist design bathroom where only counts the most. Usually she wears mostly white and comes with a large bath, all enhanced with a strong color to give it character.

Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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A modern bathroom – zen

Designed by the architect Valérie Mazérat, this modern bathroom is located on the top floor of a former warehouse turned into a real family home. Furnished with simplicity, she displays a very clean design zen trend. Two sinks are encased in a top lacquered wood with a waterproof paint white, making them almost invisible. Below, put-aways are concealed behind a curtain in clear color canvas sliding on a rod. Placed along a wall, the tub is splattered with light thanks to the leaky ceiling of a skylight. To harmonize the room and create a nice contrast, the apron of the tub and the floor was covered with slate tiles.

A modern bathroom – geometry

In this villa designed by architect Laurent Duport and perched on one of the seven hills of N mes, the modernity of the lines is displayed as much outside as inside. The architect designed it as a parallelepiped where geometry is also needed in each room. In the modern bathroom, the straight lines of the top in Corian incorporating two sinks set the tone. It is hung between the two walls, as a large tablet.

A modern bathroom – baroque

This modern bathroom baroque tendency is divided into three points. In front of the window that filters light beautifully, a lovely bathtub on feet signed Jaime tailgate for Artquitect is installed as a Meridian. At the center of the room, the superb “Rain shower” (Dornbracht) runs directly on the ground covered with otta pillarguri, a stunning Norwegian stone, sort of slate grey black lustrous with amphiboles black prismatic crystals that reflect light. Left, a nice furnished bathroom high table-like dresses a simple Bowl and a light cast in one block.Finally, all around, the walls were painted in a shade “Linden” and partially covered with zelliges with the same color to create an atmosphere at once sweet and sensual.

A modern bathroom – colors of the Alpilles

In the newest wing of the Beaumanieres Oustaù to the leases-de-Provence, Stéphane Plassier * imagined a modern bathroom where you feel in true harmony with nature. The walls are covered with subtly interwoven glass tiles which evoke the blues of the sky, the Browns of the Earth, the green of the pine forest leases and stones grey, illuminated by the Sun flowing afloat from the large windows. Above the frieze of large tiles stay United and plant motifs. The open shower consists of a long beak – Swan just laying on the ground (Boffi), of a tiled receiver embedded in the tiles of terracotta and ultra-technical faucets recessed in the wall. A stool extruded metal extends the bathtub (Boffi).

A modern bathroom – reflection

This modern bathroom is integrated in the room like a master suite. Mirrors, installed on the wall above the sink, and bottom accentuate the effect of depth of the room. The old wall of stones and bricks is reflected in ice marking a contrast between the modernity of a walk-in shower in brushed aluminum tiles and glass walls and the authenticity of the various stages of construction of the building.