Monica Sanchez Bags

Have you ever seen women walking without bag? Hard to know The bags or accessory can be called after all are indispensable. And therefore, we have to choose well what to buy, we have to have quality handbags and lasting enough.

Monica Sanchez Bags

You know when the brand name becomes reference, becomes the name of the product itself, like steel wool, cotton swab? Monica Sanches’s already getting so after that point you have a bag if it is not Monica Sanches?

The brand Monica Sanches is already the most popular vintage luggage in Brazil and is manufactured right here seen in our country … we have to value, after all it’s not every day you find a national company such as serious segment with the highest quality products and value our market.

Already you need to walk even more elegant, is always part of external events, meetings and dinners with clients, you can use the Monica Sanches below, which also matches any color, but is smaller and more elegant:

If your work environment is more relaxed and you use only to go to college or course, for example, you can use the template below, which is also resistant and it is quite something. You can even bring your stuff to go straight to the gym:

Now if you are baladeira and can not get out without getting batonzinho, cellular, and other necessary little things, you can choose the model below, in black, you know, you know, black goes with everything:

Prices Monica Sanches bags vary between R$180 and R$500 and you can buy in stores online as Catmania and Muccashop, or in more than 40 stores in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Rondônia, São Paulo and the Federal District.

But be careful, although the Monica Sanches bags being beautiful, is not just hang the shoulder okay … You have to know how to combine with the rest of the clothes and the shoes. Avoid using the bag and the shoes of the same color. Try to use a bag with neutral color and a shoe with the color you want, or the reverse, neutral – colored shoe with color bag you want.

The body type is also important to choose the bag, the girls have the body type pear, should avoid bags with very long handles, as will end up calling even more attention to your hip. These bags fit better in women with the body of the inverted triangle type. Ideal for those with pear body type is to use bags in tow.