More Rumors about The IPad 3: A5X Processor and Screen Retina Display

Approaching on March 7, a date that many have marked on the calendar. The motive: the possible announcement of a new iPad. At the moment Cupertino has not acted in this regard, normally makes it just one week until the event takes place. However, this is not an impediment to make leaks visible from all sides.

The latest rumors, including images, are running the upcoming tablet from Apple will be with a processor A5X. Unlike those who many thought, the alleged iPad 3 no shows an A6 but that will come with an evolution of the chip which today carry the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. At the moment it is not more than nomenclature so it is early to speak of its power.

Another rumor that has been gaining strength in recent days has been the integration of a screen with Retina Display resolution. Well, the rumor and gossip we have gone to images of the alleged screen that will take this iPad 3. In my opinion a big resolution for a device of this size is too high, also is you’ll have to see it in operation for judging criteria.

At the moment is not more than a handful of rumors. Apple is pretty tight in this sense and in the absence of any employee losing the tablet in a bar, We will have to wait until February 29, just a week before to the alleged launch, which would be when Apple sent invitations to media. Date by the way it aguaría him the media attraction to many of the companies that will benefit the MWC to present their products.